Arnie Getting a Belly-Rub

Arnie being Rubbed

Meerkats Unmasked
is an hour-long documentary, produced in 2002 by wildlife filmaker Simon King and narrated by Alec Baldwin, as part of the Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom series on Animal Planet. It was released in March, 2003, on VHS. It features the life of a small meerkat family living in the Swalu Kalahari Reserve in South Africa, and how they play their part in keeping the desert's natural order in balance. Simon King earns the group's trust, allowing him to get up close with the new litter (including the adorable Arnie) and reveal their amazing way of life. Armed with the s
Arnie with his Siblings

Arnie's Siblings

pecifically designed "Meercam" Simon shows us meerkat life at their level for the first time ever and become part of their world, as they face puff adders, mole snakes, goshawks, intense desert temperatures, rock monitor lizards and much more.


  • Arnie -
    Meerkats Part of the Team

    DVD, "Part of the Team"

    The main meerkat, he's very adventurous and curious.
  • Digger - The 3 year old dominant male.
  • Mamma - The dominant female and mother of all the pups.

DVD Release

One memorable scene of this documentary was released on a DVD called Greatest Wildlife Moments and was narrated by the filmaker, Simon King. Then, in 2010, a DVD titled Meerkats, Part of the Team was released. This DVD features the entire Meerkats Unmasked documentary (as well as some bonus footage not included in the older origional version) and also includes two other documentaries narrated by David Attenborough (Meerkats Unitedand Meerkats Divided) in the special features. Meerkats, Part of the Team goes for 108 minutes.



A Meerkat Family Saga

Meerkats Divided

Meerkats United

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