Meerkats United was made in 1994, making it the one of the first meerkat
Meerkats United - Title

Meerkats United

documentaries ever created. It was filmed by BBC and released on VHS as part of their "Wildlife Specials". This 30 minute documentary features a family of "grey meerkats" living in the Kalahari Desert. The documentary reveals how they cope with all kinds of predators, how they find and catch food, how they raise their young and how they deal with compettative rival gangs. Based on the research by


meerkat-book author, David MacDonald, this film proves that meerkats are "One for all, and all for One."

VHS / DVD Release

This documentary was released directly to VHS as part of a "Wildlife Specials" collection. It does not come an as individual film, it comes with another documentary. The origional includes Meerkats United and The Impossible Bird, whilst a later release partnered it with its sequel, Meerkats Divided. In 2010 it was released to DVD as a bonus feature in Meerkats, Part of the Team, alongside Meerkats Divided.


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