Meerkats Divided

Meerkats Divided

Meerkats Divided is a 1996 documentary following the success of the early meerkat documentary, Meerkats United (1994). Narrated by David Attenborough, this 30 minute film looks into the lives of southern Africa's "Addo" meerkat gang, named after the reserve they live on; The Addo National Park. The group are constantly at war with their vicious territory-seeking neighbours, followed by the amorous rover Bandit, facing larger-then-life challenges on a daily basis and are caught in the struggle to find food. These darker, southern meerkat species prove
Meerkats Divided, Addo Gang

The Addo Gang

that they're just as tough as their Kalahari cousins.


  • Brown Eyes - The dominant female of the family, she jealously guards mating rights.
  • Enkozi - The dominant male of the group, he's easily recognised by the black spot on his head.
  • Bandit - A cheeky roving male who willingly mates with Brown Eyes.
  • Brown eyes and pups

    Brown Eyes Feeding her Pups

    Unamed Subordinate
    - A young female who is often the target of Brown Eyes' rage.
  • Unamed Subordinate - A young male (only seen in the extended version) had his front paws wounded after a brief encounter with Bandit.

VHS / DVD Release

Meerkats Divided has never been released as an individual documentary, on VHS it can only be bought in a double-pack including Meerkats United. It can also be viewed in bonus features of the more recent meerkat film; Meerkats, Part of the Team, on DVD, and includes extended clips.



About Meerkats

Meerkats United

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