• In the movie Aphrodite is said to be Holly's daughter when in real life she was her niece
  • In the movie Petal was killed by a snake, in real life Petal was killed by a hawk
  • The movie stated that Vialli took dominance after Holly died, but in real life Risca was next in line, then Vialli overthrew her.
  • The movie depicted only two males joining the Whiskers; Yossarian and Zaphod. In reality eleven Vivian males joined the Whiskers with Izit becoming the dominant male, followed by Zaphod. Yossarian and Zaphod were also falsely said to be from the Lazuli.
  • It is said that Rheagen and Titus were the dominant pair of the Lazuli but at the time it was really Ziziphus and Belgarion
  • In the movie is said that Vialli and Aphrodite were babysitting Flower when the Lazuli attacked but really it was Lancelot who saved the pups.
  • Vialli is depicted as dying after being hit by a car (CGI effects were used, no animal was harmed). In reality she was predated.
  • The scene with Youssarian and Vialli mating is the same used in Meerkat Manor, where Wilson(Drew) mated with Rocket Dog.
  • The mating scene of Flower and Zaphod was the same used on Meerkat Manor with the characters Zaphod and Lola (who they really were is unknown).
  • In the movie, Flower's father was said that Argon was thought to be her father. DNA testing confirmed her father was actually Kine.

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