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Meerkat Manor The Story Begins

Meerkat Manor The Story Begins

Directed by
Chris Barker and Mike Slee
Produced by
Caroline Hawkins, Clare Birks, Carole Tomko, Mick Kaczorowski and Mark Wild
Written by
Caroline Hawkin
Whoopi Goldberg
Release Date
May 25, 2008
Mob featured
Stand In Mobs

Meerkat Manor The Story Begins (origonally titled as Flower, Queen Of Meerkats) is the Meerkat Manor movie. It followed the life of Flower from her puphood to her death, depicting her rise to fame.

Plot Line Edit

The Story opens with the birth of Flower, her sister Petal and brothers Thumper and Hazel on March 12, 2000, Their mother was Holly, the leader of the Whiskers, the family Flower was born into and her father was Argon, the dominant male of the group. The family lived in a land that was rich with life. Flower and her litter-mates were babysat by Vialli and Aphrodite, their two sisters, while the group was out foraging. In the afternoon, the fierce neighbors, the Lazuli, led by Reagan and Titus, attacked the babysitting burrow. The Whiskers returned and chased them away, saving the pups' lives. Holly then decided to move the litter to a safer place. The Whiskers crossed the Great Divide, the main road, into a strange land with no life at all. They were followed by Yossarian, a Lazuli male, who kept his distance. During the move, Petal got a little left behind and wondered into a bolt whole, followed by a Cape Cobra. She called out for help and Argon came to her resuce. But when she was remove from the burrow it was obvious that she had been fatally bitten. Flower remained by her sister's side as she passed away.

The next morning, the group were visited by Yossarian, but the gang chased him away. Time passed, and Flower grew into a mature female who reguarly babysat pups. But food became ever scarce and, one day, Holly failed to notice a bird of prey and was attacked. She was seriously wounded and died by a bolt hole. With Holly gone, Argon left the group, and chaos broke out amongst the Whiskers. While Flower nurtured the pups, other females fought for dominance. Vialli eventually won the position of dominant female, but she failed to lead the family into an attack against the Lazuli, making the subordinates lose trust in her. She tried to cement her role as leader by breeding with Yossarian, who had returned on another roving trip, though was accompanied by his brother Zaphod. Zaphod and Flower broke the Whiskers law by mating, and not soon after, Flower was pregnant.

Vialli (Zorilla)

Zorilla as Vialli after taking dominance

Flower gave birth first, but while she was out foraging, Vialli killed the pups. Later, she evicted Flower. Thankfully, after giving birth to her own litter, Vialli reaccepted Flower back into the group. In desperate need of food, the Whiskers attempted to cross the Great Divide, but a car ended Vialli's life, making the group retreat (CGI effects were used for the scene, no animals were harmed).

The next day, the group encountered a Cape Cobra, which Flower took head on. Because of her bravery, the gang accepted Flower as their new leader. Zaphod finally joined the Whiskers and claimed the position of dominant male, at Flower's side, which caused Yossarian to leave in search of other females. With food consistently declining, Flower courageously led the Whiskers back to the land she was born in. They ran into the Lazuli and charged, but were intimidated and retreated. Thankfully, Yossarian reappeared and joined the Whiskers, restoring their hope. Thus, the Whiskers attacked again. The Lazuli fought hard but in the end had to flee. The Whiskers reclaimed their old territory, thanks to their "Guiding Light", Flower. She and Zaphod had many children and Yossarian was said to have found his true calling as a babysitter. It was also said that for the years to come, Flower would serve her clan in many more battles to come and that she died the way she lived; protecting her pups. At the end of the film, Flower's legacy was said to live on in her offspring (sunangles), including Tosca, Mozart, Rocket Dog, Kinkaju, Daisy, Cruise, Colombus, Einstein, Mitch and the oh so mighty Shakespeare.

Meerkats Featured in Movie Edit

Holly – the dominant female and mother of Flower.
Holly Actress

Holly Actress (also used to depict Flower)

Argon – the dominant male and the father of Flower.

Flower – the main character’s story. She was shown as a playful pup. Flower also was shown as an adult. She mated with Zaphod and gave birth.Flower got evicted, but later rejoined.She became their leader. She was proved as a noble, brave leader and meerkat.

Vialli – Flower’s older,mean greedy sister.She evicts Flower,but allows her back in the group.She was hit by a car.

Aphrodite – a sister of Flower who babysits her litter.

Zaphod – Flower’s mate and a rover from the Lazuli.

Yossarian – Vialli’s mate and a rover from the Lazuli.

Drew as Youssarian

Drew as Youssarian roving.

Flower’s older,playful brother.

Hazel – Flower’s brother,also playful.

Petal – Flower’s sister,a bit of a lady.she was killed by a snake.

Rheagan – the dominant female of the Lazuli and Zaphod’s mother.

Titus – the dominant male of the Lazuli and Zaphod’s father.

Mobs Featured in Movie Edit

Whiskers Mob

Lazuli Mob

Meerkats Actors Edit

Holly –Lola, Zorilla and other unknown meerkats.

Argon – Unknown maybe Ketamine or Aragorn.

Flower – Eight d
Flower Actoress and pup

Flower rejoining the Whiskers

ifferent females played Flower, two of which are Zorilla and Rocket Dog.

Vialli – Zorilla, Lola and maybe Punk.

Aphrodite – Unknown.

Zaphod – Possibly by Drew and other unconfirmed males.

Yossarian – Briefly by Drew and other unconfirmed males.

Thumper – Unknown.

Hazel – Unknown.

Petal – Unknown.

Rheagan – Zorilla and maybe Aretha.

Titus – Maybe J. Alfred Prufruck and Ketamine.


In the movie Aphrodite is Holly's daughter when in real life it was her niece

Zorilla Played Many Characters

  • In the Movie, it has petal being killed by a snake, in real life, Petal was killed by a Hawk
  • The Movie stated that Vialli took over dominance after Holly died, but in real life Risca was next in line, then Vialli overthrew her.
  • Only two males join the Whiskers, first being Yossarian followed by Zaphod. In real life eleven Vivian males joined the Whiskers with Izit becoming the dominant male, followed by Zaphod.
  • In the Movie it said that Rheagen and Titus were the dominant pair of the Lazuli but it was really Ziziphus and Belgarion
  • In the Movie is said that Vialli and Aphrodite were babysitting Flower when the Lazuli attacked but really it was Lancelot who saved the pups.
  • In the Movie is showed Vialli died after getting hit by car but she really got predated.
  • The scene with Youssarian and Vialli mating is the same used to in Meerkat Manor, where Wilson(Drew) mated with Rocket Dog.
  • The mating scene of Flower and Zaphod was the same used on Meerkat Manor with the characters Zaphod and Lola (who they really were is unknown).

In the movie, Flower's father was said to be Argon, while in reality, Kine was her father (although, it is alueded to that they could be another male's pups)

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