Meerkat Madness: Walking with Meerkats (also titled Murder, Mayhem and Meerkats when it aired with a program about Banded Mongooses) is a 30 minute documentary made in 2000, featuring the famous meerkat group, the Lazuli. The documentary was never released on DVD or VHS.


Meerkat experts Tim Clutton-Brock and Grant McIlrath explain and research the hardships of meerkat life, as the group fights for territory, avoid flying predators, take on deadly puff adders, raise a litter of pups and co-operate in order to survive in the Kalahari Desert. 

Meerkats Featured

  • Ziziphus: The dominant female, recognised by the slit on her right ear.
  • Belgarion: The dominant male of the Lazuli, he wears the radio collar.
  • Figaro: A sub-adult male and the group's main sentry.
  • Lulu: A subordinate female who helps teach pups how to hunt.

External Trivia

The title is a reference to the popular BBC show Walking with Dinosaurs as well as it's sequel and prequel.

Meerkat Gallery


Ziziphus Avatar

Belgarion Lazuli

Figaro Lazuli

Lulu Lazuli

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