MrGriky Moomins

MrGriky and Lydia Teapot

Date of Birth
November 21, 2008
Date of Death
March 2010
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Frida and Unknown male
Known For
Frida's son and one of the last Moomins


McGirky (VMMM053) was born on November 21, 2008 on the Moomins Mob. His mother was a suborinate female named Frida. His father remains unknown. McGirky had four littermates named Lydia Teapot(VMMF055), Beezelle(VMMM054), Grubby(VMMM056) and Whitson(VMMM057). For the first three weeks of their lives, the pups stayed underground. Then, when they came of age, McGirky and his littermates saw the light of day for the first time. When he was a month old, he and his littermates went foraging with the adults. the Moomins were a large group at the time. The family was lead by Grumpy, the dominate female since 2001 and was origionally from the Lazuli group. The dominate male was Leonardo, a wild male who had immigrated wiht his brothers, who were all still in the group. The Moomins group only had a few adult females. His mother and his grandmother were two of them. The other and oldest subrodinate femlae was Hemulen, his aunt, and the final female was Misable. The other group members were either jouvinille females or males. Dispite this, all the pups survived. In April, dominant female Grumpy lost her position as group leader to his aunt Hemulen shortly after she gave birth to her last litter which consisted of six pups. His litter had been the Moomins babies for long enought. A month later, Grumpy sadly died of disease, most likely TB. Shortly after that, Hemulen evicted his mother Frida, which she never returned to the group and was last seen. McGirky's litter all survived to their first birthday. In December, Hemulen gave birth to 5 pups, fathered by dominate male Leonardo. Then a seriouis bout of TB soon hit the group, killing the dominant male of the Moomins. Then in March, dominant female Hemulen died. The Moomins were no longer followed after this. It is still unknown what happen to McGirky.


Mother: Frida.

Father: Maybe Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael or Michelangelo.

Sisters: Lydia Teapot.

Brothers: Beezelle, Grubby and Whitson.


Moomins Mob

Frida Moomins

Lydia Teapot Moomins

Beezelle Moomins

Grubby Moomins

Whitson Moomins

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