Mayer Lazuli


Mayer(VLF164) was born into the Lazuli on December 1, 2009. Her mother was Young, and her father was most likely Wollow. Her litter-mates were were two brothers named Viking(VLM168) and Rice(VLM166) and two sisters Mauer(VLF167) and Murray(VLF165). All five pups survived and started foraging with the adults. The Lazuli were one of the largest mobs around, so the pups had a good chance at surviving. In May, Mayer's sister Murray was predated. In November, when Mayer's litter was just eleven months old, her brother Viking went roving. In January 2011, Soul Hudson, Rufio, and Viking were absent, and just one month later, Viking was Last Seen. Mayer helped out with babysitting and caring for the pups. She was evicted a few times but managed to get back into the group. Mayer became pregnant for the first time in in early 2012, but she was not the only pregnant female. In March 2012, One Eyed Wilma, Shallot, and Mayer gave birth to Bandersnatch, JubJub Bird, and VLP195. In early 2013, Young died and the oldest females competed for dominance; Christiana won dominance. During this time with Young now gone, Mayer was fitted with a radio collar so the Lazuli could be tracked. In late 2013, Mayer and several other Lazuli females became regular targets for eviction and were often absent from the group. Mayer was Last Seen in October 2013.


Lazuli Mob

Christiana Lazuli

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