Mayans Mob


Date of Forming
November 2012
Dominant Female(s)
Dominant Male(s)
Yabou, Candy Flip, Mumbulu, Gizmo and a wild male
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
A wild male
Number of Members
Last Seen
December 18, 2014
Last Known Member
VMYM016, a wild male and two unknown meerkats

The Mayans was established in late 2012 by an Aztecs splinter group and Sequoia rovers. Within less than a year the Mayans started to show signs of disease. Their numbers were boosted when Baobab rovers joined the group. However the Mayans continued to lose numbers due to predation and disease. The group ultimately was lost in December 2014, after their last dominant female Attenborough died of TB.

Dominant Pair

When the splinter group formed, former dominant female of the Aztecs, Monkulus, did not compete for dominance. Instead Turkey became the dominant female alongside a Sequoia male, Yabou. However in February 2013 dominance was unknown for the males and in March Yabou died from disease leaving the dominant female position vaccant. After a group split Scrooge and Candy Flip became the new dominant pair. However, Candy Fip fell ill with disease and disappeared. Soon after a group of Baobab rovers joined the Mayans and Mumbulu became the dominant male. When Scrooge died of TB, Monkulus took over as the dominant female, however she disappeared the following month. Her last remaining daughter Cinnamon established dominance and male dominance became unclear in December and in the next month Gizmo became the dominant male. After Cinnamon's death in May 2014 a sub-adult named Attenborough became the dominant female. Three wild males then joined the group and ousted Gizmo from the dominant male position. Attenborough and a wild male were the last dominant couple of the Mayans.

All Known Members

A list of meerkats born in or who joined the Mayans.

Monkulus (VWF063)

Che Che (AZM013)

Tabie (VAZM017)

Zelda (VAZF027)

Turkey (VAZF028)

Scrooge (VAZF029)

Santa (VAZF030)

Scratte (VAZF033)

Cinnamon (VAZF036)

Rednose (VAZM031)

Cheddar (VAZF040)

Captain Danger Awesome (VAZM044)

Ole (VAZM050)

Lasse (VAZM051)

Inga (VAZF052)

Bosse (VAZM053)

Mungallchops (VSQM007)

Candy Flip (VSQM013)

Yabou (VSQM014)

Leaf (VSQM018)

Cecil (VHM016)




Mumbulu (VBBM004)

Kiboko (VBBM006)

See No Evil (VBBM067)

Gizmo (VBBM070)

Catalonia (VMYF004)

Attenborough (VMYF005)












Last Known Members

The Mayans had 4 members as of December 2014.

A wild male


+ 2 unknown meerkats


The Mayans formed a territory in-between the Aztecs, Nequoia and Pandora. After the Aztecs were lost, the Mayans started to encounter the Sequoia and Nequoia, but both of them were also lost. In 2014 the Baobab were the Mayans' rivals. 

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