Mavericks(VJXM059) was born in October 9, 2012 in the JaXX. His mother was Bungee, a subordinate female, while his father was a roving male, most likely a rover from the Lazuli. Mavericks was born with two sisters named Cloudbreak (VJXF057) and Teahupo'o(VJXF058) and one brother named Jaws(VJXM056).  Bungee was later evicted the same month the pups were born and absent leaving Mavericks and his siblings in the care of their grandmother and dominant female of the group Diana. Both Diana and another female named Arcee were both pregnant at the time of the pups birth, however Arcee aborted her litter. Despite not being the pups of the dominant female, Diana allowed the subortinate litter to remained in the group. She aborted her own litter a month later and allowed Bungee to re-unite with her pups. Mavericks and his siblings survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults aroud a month of age. However Jaws was predated in December 2012, followed by Mavericks in Janaury 2014 leaving Cloudbreak and Teahpo'o as the last of their litter. 


JaXX Mob

Bungee JaXX

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