Mau Mua Hoax
Wild and Hoax Mob
Formerly of the Hoax
Date of Birth
First Seen: December 2006
Date of Death
October 31, 2007
Cause of Death
Last Seen
Known For
Only Dominant Female of the Haox


Mau Mau(VHXF004) was born in a wild mob sometime before 2006. Her mother and father may have been the dominant pair of a subordinate female and a roving male. Her life before 2006 remained mostly unknown. At somepoint in late 2006 she was evicted from her mob and met up with three wild males and two Whiskers meerkats, one male and one female. The meerkats stayed together and the small group was located and followed in December 2006.


The small group of six meerkats was named the Hoax Mob. One of the wild males named Carravagio quickly assumed the role of dominant male. At first Mau Mau was thought to be a male and was named Napoleon Dynamite, but after she assumed the role of dominant female her name and ID Code was changed. With the dominant pair settled the Hoax began to be habutated which took eight months, however, Mau Mau was never fully habituated. Despite having a dominant pair, which was never determined if Mau Mau was related to Carravagio or not, the group produce no offspring. Both females never got pregnant and with no pups, the males started to spend more time roving away from the group in later months. The first of the males to leave was the Whisker male Suggs whom disappeared on September 30, 2007. The three remaining males dispersed a month later, with Sid Vicious and Houdini leaving the group on October 15th, and were observed roving at the Moomins. Dominant male Carravagio remained with the group until October 31st when he finally left to join the Polaris Mob. This left Mau Mau with the Whisker female named Tina Sparkle, whom was starting to show signs of pregnancy. After Sid Vicious and Houdini had left the group, Mau Mau was observed acting very nervous and started to spend more time underground when the group was being observed by researchers. She was physcially Last Seen on October 31, 2007, however Tina Sparkle remained in the area as if Mau Mau was still present. Mau Mau was never seen again and, by November, Tina Sparkle was seen leaving the area by herself bringing an end to the Hoax Mob. 


Hoax Mob

Carravagio Hoax

Tina Sparkle Whiskers

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