Matilda(VBBF077) was born between September 5-6, 2011 in the Baobab Mob. Her mother was either Cruise or Spatula and her father was an unknown male. Matilda was the only female born in her litter, her brothers were Leon(VBBM073), Papsicol(VBBM074), Jay-B(VBBM075), Uter Pendragon(VBBM076) and Dexter Morgan(VBBM078). Sadly, Leon was predated in November 2011. The next year in March the Baobab divided into two groups. Matilda's brothers, Jay-B and Uter Pendragon, were separated from the rest of the litter. However they both returned safely the next month. In July 2012 Matilda's brother Jay-B went roving for the first time, even though he had not reached maturity. By September 2012 Matilda and her surviving brothers had reached their first birthday. A year later their possible mother Cruise was predated and Amarula became the next dominant female. Matilda was evicted for the first time in October 2013 by Amarula. In December 2013 Matilda was pregnant for the first time. She gave birth a month later but her pups were killed by another pregnant female, either Amarula or Zogg. Following this Matilda became a frequent target for eviction. In November 2014 she left the group with Zogg and Louis.


Matilda, Zogg and Louis joined up with wild males and formed the Teabags Mob. Matilda was pregnant at the time but neither she or Zogg took dominance. Matilda was the first to give bith but her litter was killed by Zoggs who gave birth within the next month. However none of the pups survived and all the males abandoned the group leaving just the two females. Matilda and Zoggs could not be tracked after March and the group was Lost. 


Baobab Mob

Teabags Mob