Mary Doll(VRRF147) was born in the Rascals in September 2011. Her mother was either the dominant female Sancerre or a subordinate female named Coccyx, and her father was either dominant male Grus or a rover from another group. Mary Doll was born in a large mixed litter of six pups. Her litter-mates included one brother named Randy(VRRM144) and four sisters named Lenore(VRRF145), Thurman Merman(VRRF146), Candula(VRRF148) and Nessie(VRRF149). The pups survived to four weeks old and started foraging with the group. Sadly in October while the group was out foraging, Candula was predated. The following month Mary Doll's sister Nessie was predated as well. The rest of the remaining four pups survived through their first year. Strangely Mary Doll was evicted in October 2012, one month before her birthday, however she was able to rejoin the group once Sancerre gave birth. Sadly in October 2012, Mary Doll's possible father Grus died of old age. In April 2013, she was evicted and was able to rejoin her family by the months end. In November, Mary Doll was pregnant and evicited by Enda May who was also pregnant.  Mary Doll was Last Seen in December 2013. It is unknown what happened to her and her unborn litter.


Rascals Mob

Sancerre Rascals

Coccyx Rascals

Grus Rascals

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