Marxxs with his Eviction Wound

was born on January 4, 2009 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was the dominant female, Ella, and his father was the dominant male, Thundercat. Marxxs' litter consisted entirely of males. His siblings were Mimaji(VWM138), VWM137 and Pitio(VWM139). All four pups survived their first weeks and foraged with the the group. The "M" in Marxxs' ID code was changed to an "F" indicating that he was believed to be a female. This was later confirmed a mistake and was changed back. In April 2009, VWM137 disappeared and was assumed predated. The rest of the litter survived to adulthood. The remaining brothers began roving, with Pitio roving the most. In February, 2011, Marxx was attacked by his father and evicted from the group. He returned a few days later. He soon became one of the oldest males in the group and, like all adult males his age, he continues to spend most of his time roving. In July 2012 his brothers Pitio, Gump and Rozza left the group leaving Marxxs as the oldest subordinate male in the group. In August, Thundercat went roving and did not return by the end of the month, leaving the dominant male position open. Marxx was seen acting as the new dominant male in his place beside his older sister Enili. Marxxs conitued to rove at other groups and in March 2013 he visited the Üderkatz along with Pat McGroin, but was absent at the end of the month and both were Last Seen.


Whiskers Mob

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