Marilyn on sentry.

Marilyn(VDF144) was born between February 8-11, 2010, into the Drie Doring. Her mother was Mist, the dominant female of the gang, and her father was an unknown rover, expected to be Bramley Frisky. Marilyn was born in an average litter of four pups, her litter-mates being one sister named Tanzania(VDF146) and two brothers named Andy C(VDM145) and Begbie(VDM143). The Drie Doring were a good-sized mob with many adults and with their mother being the queen, they were well-looked after, and all survived to adulthood. In early 2011, most of the adult females had dispersed, so Marilyn and her sister became the oldest subordinate females. Because of this, whenever pregnant, Mist started to evict Marilyn, but she always returned. In August of the same year, Marilyn was pregnant for the first time along with her mother, but surprisingly, she wasn't evicted. In the following month, both females lost their litters, most likely to the jaws of Tanzania or Tobermory, Marilyn's sisters, who were also pregnant. In April 2013, Marilyn was evicted from the group again, but this time, did not return. Tragically, in May, she was found dead.


Drie Doring Mob

Mist Drie Doring

Bramley Frisky

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