Malaki Gosa


Formally of the gosa
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Late 2012
Cause of Death
Snake bite
Maybe Xena, Punk, Flo, Daisy, Zeus and two unnamed pups
Known For
Third known dominant male of the Gosa
Also Known As
No information

Malaki was First Seen in August 2012 when he joined the Gosa Mob and became the dominant male. The Gosa had just lost their former dominant male and a young male named Starsky had temporeraly taken up dominance even though he was not the oldest of the males in the group. Malaki was a wild male from an unknown group so he was most likely unrelated to the dominant female Cleopatra, where as Starsky may have been her son, brother or nephew. Starsky handed over dominance without a fight. In September the Gosa mob disappeared for a month, but soon reappared in October with four pups. It is unknown if Malaki was the father of the pups. The Gosa was a small mob and the group managed to raise the pups. In late 2012 Cleopatra got pregnant, Malaki was most likely the father. She gave birth to five pups in Janaury 2013, but sadly Malaki did not live to see them. At the end of 2012 he was bitten by a puff adder and later died.


Gosa Mob

Cleopatra Gosa

Starsky Gosa

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