Makonkie Drie Doring


Formerly of the Drie Doring
Date of Birth
December 9, 2003
Date of Death
October 2008
Cause of Death
Mabili and maybe Mad Max
VDP090, VDP091, and Cadw Mynd
Known For
Dominant female of the Drie Doring
Also Known As
Mother of Mist

Makonkie(VDF089) was born on December 9, 2003, in the Drie Doring. Her mother was the long-term dominant female Mabili, and her father was either the unknown dominant male, or a roving male from another group.  Makonkie's litter-mates were VDP090, VDP091, and Cadw Mynd(VDM092). At the time of her birth, Mabili had been in dominance of the group for eight years. Two of the pups were lost; however, Makonkie and her brother Cadw Mynd survived through their first year. Cadw Mynd later left the group to from the Nomads while Makonkie stayed in the group and soon became one of the oldest female under her mother. Then in 2005, after 10 years as the dominant female, her mother Mabili died. Makonkie took over as dominant female and she was soon joined by a Lazuli male called Osprey, who took male dominance. She started to produce litters. Her sister Clarabella mated with a rover and gave birth to a litter as well. Makonkie gave birth on September 2006 to Loki, Thor, and Mist. All the pups survived. Then on February 3, 2007, Makonkie gave birth to Damian, VDP117, VDP118, and VDP119. Sadly, three of the pups soon died, leaving Damian as the only survivor. Osprey died in April 2007, and Makonkie's younger brother Piripicchio took over as the new dominant male. He remained in the group for several months before leaving to go roving. Makonkie's nephew Finn MacCool, Clarabella's son, then took over as next dominant male. Despite having no unrelated dominant male, Makonkie was still able to produce litters by mating with rovers. She became pregnant again and evicted Clarabella, Mollybloom, and Dark Rosaleen from the group. She gave birth to on December 20, 2007, to Nikita, Trinity, Buddah, and Tekla. Her son Thor overthrew Finn MacCool and took dominance of the group. Then on March 7, 2008, Makonkie gave birth to VDF126, P Chan, and Falco. Sadly, one of the pups was lost within the next few months, but Makonkie was pregnant again along with her daughter Mist. They most likely mated with a Frisky named Bramley. On September 5, 2008, Makonkie gave birth to Nub and VDP128. Two weeks later, Mist gave birth to Commander Keen, Captain Planet, The Dread Pirate Roberts, and Spaceman Spiff on September 18th. Makonkie made no attempt to kill the subordinate litter, and Mist helped her mother with her own two pups. Despite this, VDP128 died as a pup. Within the following month, Makonkie died in October 2008 after being the dominant female for three years. Mist took over as the long-term dominant female after her.



Makonkie in early 2008.

Mother: Mabili

Father: Unknown

Litter-mates: VDP090, VDP091 and Cadw Mynd

Mates: Osprey and unknown rovers

First litter born on September 3, 2006 fathered by Osprey

Thor (VDM114) Last Seen, Disappeared in November 2009

Loki (VDM115) Last Seen, Disappeared in October 2008

Mist (VDF116) Deceased, Predated in April 3, 2015

Second litter born on February 3, 2007 fathered by Osprey

Damian (VDM115) Last Seen, Disappeared in October 2008

VDP117 Deceased, predated in 2007

VDP118 Deceased, predated in 2007

VDP119 Deceased, predated in 2007


Makonkie as the dominant female.

Third litter born on December 20, 2007 fathered by unknown

Trinity (VDF120) Last Seen, Disappeared in December 2009

Tekla (VDF121) Last Seen, Disappeared in December 2009

Nikita (VDF122) Last Seen, Disappeared in December 2009

Buddah (VDM123) Last Seen, Disappeared in March 2010

Forth litter born on March 7, 2008 fathered by unknown

P Chan (VDF124) Last Seen, Disappeared in December 2009

Falco (VDM125) Last seen, Disappeared with TB in December 2012

VDF126 Deceased, Predated in March 2008

Fifth litter born on September 5, 2008 fathered by unknown

Nub (VDF127) Last Seen, Disappeared in November 2010

VDP128 Deceased, predated in October 2008


Drie Doring Mob

Osprey Lazuli

Mist Drie Doring

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