Mad Eye Moody(VGGF002) was born into the Gattaca Mob on November 21, 2001. She and her sibling littermates were the very first litter born in the Gattaca mob. Her mother was Wahine and her father was Izit. Her litter-mates were BuckBeak(VGGF001) , Severus Snape(VGGM003) , Sirius Black(VGGM004) and possibly Mr. Wendell(VGGM068)Despite the fact there were only five adults in the group, all four(or five) pups survived. In February sadly her mother Wahine was predated followed by his brother Sirius Black, and her aunt Risca became the dominant female. Mad Eye Moody survived to adulthood with her litter-mates. She lived in the group till she was alsmot two.In October 2003 she was evicted and left the mob along with her sister BuckBeak, brother Sererus Snape and her two uncles. They were all Last Seen


Gattaca Mob

Wahine Whiskers

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