Drie Doring

Mack(VDM045) was born in the Drie Doring on Janaury 19, 1999. His mother was Mabili. His litter mates and father remain unknown. She survived to a year old then started roving. He left the Drie Doring with other males and joined up with two Elveera females. The meerkats stayed to gether and formed a new group in late 2001.


The new group was called the Zappa Mob. Mack took over the role of the Zappa group's first ever dominant male. Bettik took over female dominance of the group. Thw two were the Dominant pair who led the Zappa. They were a tough dominant pair and were strong leaders of their mob. Bettik gave birth to many litters. Unfortunately Mack died from disease on November 15, 2004. Bettik lived on another year then she too die on Septmber 16, 2005. Mack's daughter too over as the dominant female but she soon died and his grand daughter named Lola assumed the role of dominant female with his son Dougal. The Zappa had many sessions of dominant pairs but none were as profitable as Mack and Bettik. Sadly Mack's Zappa was sadly lost by the end of 2008.


Drie Doring Mob

Zappa Mob