Macaque(VVM056) was born in the Vivian Mob on August 21, 2000. Her mother was Rhian.  His father was an unknown roving male maybe one the Young Ones males who joined the group in 2000. He was born in a litter of seven. His litter-mates Colobus( VVM054), Tarsier(VVM055), Uacari(VVF053), Mangabey(VVF057),and Patis(VVM058)  They all survived to adulthood. His litter-mate brother Patis went roving with his uncles and joined the Whiskers. His mother was evicted with other Vivian females. She was Last Seen on October 13, 2001. His sisters Uacari, Mangabey  were evicted with their cousins Velvet and Viv'e and Sifaka by Rhian in late 2002. They lived in the Vivian for two years. The five females then joined the Balrog. Macaque and his brothers started to rove. He disappeared wile roving with his brothers and uncles. He was Last Seen on October 30, 2003.


Mother: Rapunzel

Father:Unknown male

Litter-Mates: Tarsier, Colobus, Patis, Mangabey,and Uacari

Nephew: Hansel


Vivian Mob

Rapunzel Vivan

Patis Vivian

Sifaka Vivian

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