Lyra (VRRF128) was born on March 15, 2009 in the Rascals. Her mother was Blondie and her father was Grus. Her litter-mates were Grus(VRRM122), Crux(VRRP123), Vela(VRRF124), Izar(VRRM125), Ara(VRRF126) and VRRM127. There were six in all! Lyra's mother and father were the dominant pair at the time so the pups were well looked after, however the Rascals were a small group. Sadly this was Blondies last litter ever. She soon disappeared and was thought to have been predated. Lyra's aunt Islay became the dominant female for a month then was predated as well. Lyra's older sister Sancerre became the dominant female of the group. Lyra soon made it to adulthood along with her litter-mates. Sadly her brother VRRM127 disappeared along with wild male VRRM121 possibly went roving and joined another group, or was predated. Lyra and her siblings started taking a more active role in the Rascals. In September Lyra gave birth to VRRP132, VRRP133, VRRP134 and VRRP135. With the new pups Lyra had helped the Rascals grow in numbers. However because of this Lyra was on Sancerre's evicted list because with the simple act of giving birth, Lyra made herself a treat to Sancerre's pups. Lyra started to be evicted by her older half sister. Lyra was evicted by Sancerre the next time she got pregnant along with her litter-mate sisters and her older half sister Rioja and neice VRRF129. Ara managed to rejoin the group however Rioja, Vela and Lyra left the group and were Last Seen in December 2010. VRRF129 was Last Seen the following month.


Rascals Mob

Blondie Rascals

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