was born on January 4, 2008 in the Lazuli Mob. His mother was Young a subortinante female at the time and his father was Homestar Runner , a famous rover. Lutzputz was born in a litter of four, his litter-mates were his trwo sisters Calvinia(VLF133) and Christiana(VLF134) and one brother Prieska(VLM131). When Lutzputz was just four month old, Aretha the dominant female of the Lazuli died and Young became the new dominant female. Then five whiskers males joined the group, Wollow took dominant male of the group, two males quickly left and formed PK. When 2009 started, Lutzputz and his brother Prieska started to rove with the two other whiskers males Axel and Rufus. The males went roving most months. Then in October 2009, Axel, Lutzput and Prieska left the group and team up with Stop it a Toyota female and a wild meerkat. In December Axel died of TB, and some of the other members were marked with TB. Lutzputz and Prieska haven't been seen since and were considered Last Seen.




Mother: Young

Father: Unknown

Brother: Prieska

Sisters: Calvinia and Christiana


Lazuli Mob

Stop It Toyota

Axel Young Ones

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