Luella Balrog
Yes, formally of the Balrog
Birth date
Death date
August 30,2002
Death cause
Sick and last seen
Known for
First known dominant female of Balrog

Luella Balrog(VBF003) was born into the Balrog mob. Her mother and father are unknown. When the Balrog dominate female died, Luella was the oldest female in the Balrog mob, thought to be anywhere from four to six years old and established female dominance. She was the first monitored dominate female of the Balrog seen that the KMP managed to habutate her group shortly before she became the dominate female. She established dominance in 2001 after Balrog, the dominant male, established male dominance. Luella's first litter as the monitored dominate female was aborted but on October 31, 2001, she gave birth to her first surviving litter of five pups. However, her next litter was aborted. She didn't have any more sucessful litters afterwards. Luella disappeared shortly after on August 30, 2002 after beign sick for a week.

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