Lola Aztecs


was born in the Aztecs Mob on November 6, 2008. Her mother was Monkulus, the dominant female, and her father was an unknown rover. Her litter-mates were her brother Chaka(VAZM010) and sister named Proteus(VAZF011). They were the third surviving litter born in the Aztecs. In Janaury 2009, Monkulus was pregnant again but did not give birth untill March, giving time for Lola and her two siblings to grow. After the birth of the new pups, puphood came to an end for Lola, however she was at the age of four months old. By then she could fend for herself. Lola and her siblings made it through their first year without much event. Lola kept away from rovers, but her mother often evicted her from the group when ever she was pregnant. In mid 2010 Lola and a large number of Aztecs meerkats splintered away from the main group and were absent for a month. However all the meerkats returned within the next month. In late 2010 Monkulus evicted Squig, Burdock, Mimi and Proteus who left the group. Lola became the oldest surbodinate female under her mother in the Aztces. She was evicted a little later and was seen trying to rejoin the group. January 2011, Lola was declared Last Seen after she was not seen for a month. However unlike most meerkats who have been Last Seen, Lola reapeared in February 2011 and was seen trying to rejoin the Aztecs but was unsecceful. Sadly Lola was last Seen that same month and this time was forever.


Aztecs Mob

Monkulus Whiskers

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