Liipshin in 2012

(VJXF039) was born on Febaury 7, 2011 into the JaXX Mob, her mother being dominant female Diana while her father was either Paymister or Superman of the Toyota Mob. Liipshin was born with her two sisters named Fidget(VJXF038) and Hunky Doreen(VJXM041) and three brothers named Space Raoull Esq.(VJXM037), Farquin(VJXM040) and Crumpet(VJXM042). All seven pups survived their first three months. Sadly, in May sadly Liipshin's sister Hunky Doreen was predated. In the following month of June, Fidget disappared and was assumed predated. Liipshin and her three brothers survived through their first year, however Liipshin was evicted in November 2011 when she was only nine months old. At a year of age, Liipshin was mature enough to assist her mother in rearing new pups. Throughout her time in the JaXX Liipshin avoided rovers and never got pregnant. In spite of this she was still occasionally evicted from the group. In late 2013 she was evicted along with six other females. She failed to return to the group and in October 2013 was sadly Last Seen.


JaXX Mob

Diana Lazuli

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