Leonardo Moomins

Leonardo Moomins

Wild and Moomins
yes, of the Moomins
Date of Birth
Unknown, First Seen in November 2007 as an adult male.
Date of Death
December 2009
Cause of Death
TB, most likely
wild meerkats
wild meerkats
Grumpy and Hemulen and maybe Froda
VMM050, VMMP051, VMM052,VMMP058, VMMP059, VMMF060, VMMM061, VMMM062, VMMM063, VMMF064, VMMF065,VMMF066, VMMF067, VMMF068, VMMF069,VMMM070, VMM071, VMMF072, VMMP073 and VMMP074 Maybe Sexi Plexi, VMMM047, Bubble Toes, Elian McGirky, Beezelle, Lydia Teapot, Grubby and Whitson
Known For
One of the 4 males who joined the Moomins group of 6 females. Dominant male of Moomins
Also Known As
Dominate male of the Moomins.


Leonardo (VMMM042) was a wild meerkat from an unknown backround. He was first seen as an adult male with his roving companions Michalangelo(VMMM045), Rafael(VMMM044) and Donatello(VMMM043). They immigrated into the Moomins group, who only had six remaining females. The dominate female was an almost eight year old female named Grumpy and the dominate male was a Hoax rover named Houdini. The four males joined the group and ousted Houdini. With the dominate male gone, it was time for the four immigrants to settle into thier respective positions. Leonardo and Michalangelo were the closest matched as well as Donatello adn they often had several close fights. Leonardo would gain the position and then lose it. Dominance was in question for some while until finally Leonardo won the position. He took dominance next to Grumpy from then on and made sure the other males knew who was in charge. Grumpy gave birth to his first known litter of pups in January 2009. His next litter would come in April 2009. This time there were six pups in the litter. Grumpy was now nine years old and was weak after giving birth. Female dominance had been challenged for some time and finally it was changed in May. Grumpy's five year old daughter, Hemulen, attacked and overthrew Grumpy. She died a month later. Hemulen took female dominance beside Leonardo. In August 2009, Hemulen gave birth to Leonardo's pups. His last litter, mothered by Hemulen, came in December 2009, only days before his death. Sadly in December 2009 Donatello disappeared and Leonardo died, leaving the Moomins with a non-natal dominant male. Later on, in February 2010, a Baobab rover named Al Catraz joined the group and took male dominance next to Hemulen but she died the following month.

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