Lekshmi(VBBF088) was born in September 2013 in the Baobab. Her mother was Zogg, a subordinate female, and her father was an unknown rover, possibly one from the Lazuli or Überkatz. She had two littermates: Gansen(VBBM089) and Laddu(VBBM090). The dominant female Amarula had just lost her own litter so she allowed Lekshmi and her littermates to live. In June 2014, Zogg gave birth to another litter, but Lekshmi was too young to help care for the new pups. In August 2014 Lekshmi was evicted for the first time, despite being only eleven months old. However, she was able to return to the group during the following month and reached adulthood. In February 2015 she fell pregnant for the first time along with Amurula and another female named Bernard. In March 2015, Lekshmi and Amurula gave birth to a mixed litter of five pups while Bernard remained pregnant.In April, Lekshimi was pregnant again, but she soon aborted the litter. The following month, Gansen and Laddu left the group with several other males and joined Drie Doring, leaving Lekshimi as the last of her litter still in the Baobab. Lekshmi is still living in the Baobab today.


Baobab Mob

Zogg Baobab

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