Leaf Sequoia


Date of Birth
December 8, 2009
Date of Death
January 2013
Cause of Death
Hit by a car
Hab, Lord Stanley, and VSQP016
Known For
Sausage Factory rover
Also Known As
Helped found the Überkatz, Sausage Factory, and Mayans


Leaf(VSQM018) was born on December 8, 2009, into the Sequoia. His mother was Benzedrine, and his father was Bruce, the dominant couple of the Sequoia at the time. His litter-mates were Hab(VSQF017), Lord Stanley(VSQM015), and VSQP016. The Sequoia was a very small group at the time, containing only around ten members. Sadly VSQP016 was predated in January 2010; however, Leaf and his brother and sister survived to their first year. Leaf and his siblings started to help his mother with the pups. Leaf and his brother Lord Stanley started to roving. Leaf lived a peaceful life in the Sequoia, caring for the pups, taking sentry duties, and often roving at other groups. That all changed in 2012 when most of the Sequoia split to form a new group.


In May, most of the Sequoia had split and formed the Überkatz. Leaf and all his litter and his father were in the splinter group. His older sister Tina became the dominant female with Bruce. However soon all the adult males including Leaf and his father Bruce went roving.

Sausage Factory

The roving group became known as the Sausage Factory. The males visited the Aztecs and were briefly joined by an evicted Sequoia female who was Leaf's litter-mate sister Hab. Soon the Sequoia rovers and Hab returned to the Sequoia where they discovered Benzedrine had lost dominance to RU. Leaf stayed in the Sequoia a little while longer until October 2012 when Leaf went roving with his brother Mungallchops, Candy Flip, and Yabou.


Leaf in the Sequoia group in 2012.


The rovers came across the splinter group of the Aztecs. It contained a few females and a few males, with Kathleen being the oldest. In less than a week, the splinter group encountered the main Aztecs group, and all the Sequoia males then joined the Aztecs. A little time later the splinter of females rejoined the group. However, the Aztecs became unstable and in the following month the group splintered again; Leaf and the other three Sequoia males were in the splinter.


In November, the Aztecs suffered another split which gave rise to the Mayans. Leaf took a subordinate role and continued to rove with the males. Leaf sadly died in January 2013 after he was hit by a car.


Sequoia Mob

Überkatz Mob

Sausage Factory Mob

Aztecs Mob

Mayans Mob

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