Laurentina(VZUF004) was first seen in April 2010 along with the Zulus mob. Being from a very wild mob most of her actions in the group up until late 2013 are unknown. The group only had one habituated male, Shaka Zulu, who had been last seen 18-months ago when the group was found. She was reported to be pregnant in December 2013, this same month dominant female Ocho Niple gave birth, surprisingly she let Laurentina stay in the group. She aborted in January but got pregnant again in February. She carried this pregnancy full-term and gave birth to five pups in March 2014. Tigger(VZUF012), Salsera(VZUM013), Ziggidy(VZUF014), VZUP015, and Wright Sholdiere(VZUM016). The father is unknown but it could have been an unknown rover or one of the Lazuli males in the group. She got pregnant in July and was still pregnant in August and it looked like she would carry this pregnancy full term but in September she was evicted and aborted. She was evicted again in October but managed to rejoin the group. In December of the same year, Ocho and her were pregnant. Ocho let Laurentina stay in the group and this proved fatal for Ocho's litter. Laurentina acted on her motherly instincts and killed Ocho's kids, so her own pups would have a higher survival rate. Sadly, this move was in vain, as Laurentina ended up aborting her own litter. In February both females were pregnant and Ocho was not going to make the same mistake she made in December. Laurentina was evicted and soon after aborted. At this point 4/5 of her recorded pregnancies had ended in abortion. In May she and her daughter Tigger were evicted and absent. She rejoined the group but soon after in July 2015 she left the group with Dis-Grace, Caleb, Gobolino and Flammkuchen to form the Tulus.


Laurentina, Dis-Grace, Caleb, Flammkuchen, and Gobolino were found together. The small group was named the Tulus. Dominance was never very clear as all of the males except Caleb left in September. She gave birth on September 26th and went missing on the 27th, just a day after giving birth. Her remains were found two weeks later and she was assumed to have been predated. Caleb returned to the Zulus and so Laurentina's small group disintegrated. Her daughter Ziggidy still lives in the Zulus today so she does live on in her daughter.

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