Laurence(VSQM008) was born on December 1, 2008 in the Sequoia Mob. His mother was Finn and his father was either Bracken or Van Der Wethuizen, the two Toyota males that helped form the Sequoia. Laurence was born in a large litter of six pups, his litter-mates were his three sisters RU(VSQF005), VSQF006 and Nik Nak(VSQF008) and two brothers Mungallchops(VSQM007) and VSQM010. When the pups were born the two Toyota males had already abandond the Sequoia and returned to the Toyota. A month after the pups were born, four males joined the group, including Van Der Wethuizen. One of the new males named Bruce established himself as the dominant male. In January 2009, when he and his litter was foraging, the group split. Finn, Sid Vicious, VSQF003, VSQF006 and VSQM010 went with the other half of the group. The splinter group later was thought to be the Pretenders Mob located in October 2009. Van Der Wethuizn and VSQM001, a wild male, left the group and disappeared. The Sequoia fell down to just six members but the dominant female Benzedrine started to produce litters. Laurence and his remaining litter-mates still in the Sequoia reach their first year. Laurence and his brother Mungallchops went roving for the first time at the Kung Fu Mob. Laurance was still in the group throughout 2009 but soon disappared mid 2010 when he disappeared while roving.


Sequoia Mob

Finn Whiskers

Mungallchops Sequoia

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