was born in the Aztecs Mob in March 2012, into a mixed litter. His mother was either Monkulus, Kathleen or Santa and his father was an unknown rover. Lasse's litter-mates were Inga(VAZF052), Wensleydale II(VAZF049), Bosse(VAZM053) and Ole(VAZM050). Sadly in May 2012, not too long after the litter first emerged, Wensleydale II was predated. Lasse and his brothers and sister survived to adulthood. In October 2012 Kathleen overthrew Monkulus after a group splint in which some Sequoia joined the group.


In November the Aztecs splintered again and gave rise to the Mayans. Lasse remained in the group and roved from time to time. In late 2013 a group of Baobab males joined the mob but did not kick Lasse out. Not long after this, Lasse became sick with TB. He was sadly Last Seen in December 2013.


Aztecs Mob

Mayans Mob

Monkulus Whiskers

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