Landie(VLF121) was born on April 24, 2006 in the Lazuli. Her mother was HP and her father was an unknwon rover. Landie was born in a large mix litter, HP's litter-mate sister Young also gave birth to a litter of pups around the same time. Lanie litter-mates were her three sisters named Flax(VLF118), Lallie(VLF120) and Caroline(VLF123) and three brothers Bernard(VLM119), Teaser(VLM122) and Shaka Zulu(VLM124). There was a total of seven pups in all. The Lazuli were falling in numbers so the pups boost the Lazuli's numbers up. All the pups survived their first five months. Then in December the dominant female, Landie's grandmother, Cazanna died from disease and her daughter Aretha became the new dominant female. Landie and her litter survived to their first birthday, however a month later in May 2007, Flax died from TB. Disease had been spreading through the group taking the lives of both Lallie and Teaser in September 2007. Landie lived a little longer however ultimately she succumbed to TB in November 2007.


Lazuli Mob

HP Lazuli

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