Lambert (VEF110) was born into the Elveera Mob on September 6, 2005. Her mother was Eleusine, the dominant female, and her father might have been Dante, the dominant male. Her litter-mates were probably Ash(VEM108), Jones(VEM109) and Parker(VEF111) and Riley(VEM112). Lambert and her litter survived to adulthood.  Her mother died and Dante left the group to rove. Jo Jo Hello was the oldest female so she took dominance. Jo Jo Hello gave birth to Gijima (VEM118), Kangela (VEF119) and Chibuku Scud (VEF120). Three Young Ones males joined the group. Habusu too up dominance. They started to produce litters. She gave birth to Scrawny (VEF121) and Mr. Scruff (VEM122). After that Lamber gave birth to two pups possibly fathered by one of the Young Ones males. The pups were Beebop (EVF124) and Rocksteady (VEM125). Her possible litter-mate Parker was evicted with Chocolatine and disappeared with George November 2007. They were last seen in January 2008. Jo Jo Hello gave birth to Sobukwe, Sisulu, Luthuli, Tutu and VEP130. Pup VEP130 was killed in March. That same month Lamber disappeared and was Last Seen. Her daughter Beebop was later evicted and formed the PK group with two Whiskers males, one wild male and two sub-adults. Beebop and Machu Pichu took dominance of the new group. Beebop gave birth to four pups but later the PK was lost. Rocksteady died in February of 2009, maybe from Tuberculosis.


Mother: Eleusine

Father: Dante

Litter-mates: Ash, Parker and VEP109 maybe?

Daughter: Beebop

Son: Rocksteady


Elveera Mob

Eleusine Elveera

Dante Elveera

Beebop Elveera

Rocksteady Elveera

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