Kwang Mob

Kwang Mob

Date of Forming
February 1993
KM001, KM002, KM003 and KF001.
Dominant Female(s)
KF001 and KF002
Dominant Male(s)
KM001, Digger and Scarface
Last Dominant Female
Last Dominant Male
Number of Members
Last Seen
November 25, 1995
Last Known Member
Scarface and KM006

The Kwang Mob was a wild group from the Gemsbok National Park, they were first seen in February 1993. The Kwang consisted of four wild adult meerkats including one female KF001, and three males KM001, Digger and KM003. The group were famous for being featured in the 1997 documentary A Meerkat Family Saga. However the events of their life were depicted differently from what really happened and multiple mobs were used to portray the family. Due to a harsh drought in 1994 and 1995 the group dwindled in numbers until they disappeared in November 1995.

Dominant Pair

Upon being discovered the group were first led by KM001 and KF001. The first dominant female was famous for giving birth to eight pups in a single litter, though sadly none of them survived. In September 1993 KM001 and KM003 disappeared, leaving Digger to become the dominant male. Then in October that year KF001 was Last Seen. Digger was then joined by two wild females and a wild male. One of the females, KF002, became the next dominant female. In April 1994 Digger disappeared and the wild adult male Scarface took dominance. Later that year KF002 was lost and was not replaced. Eventually only the dominant male Scarface and KF002's son KM006 remained, but they both disappeared in November 2005.

All Known Members

A list of all meerkats who were born in or joined the Kwang



Digger (KM002)






Scarface (KM005)







+ eight pups who did not recieve codes

Last Known Members

Scarface (KM005)



The Kwang mob held a territory bordering the North, Xanadu, Lookout and wild mobs. However there are no records of them having encounters with other groups.

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