Kuhglocken Lazuli

Kuhglocken in 2010

Date of Birth
November 11, 2008.
Date of Death
October 9, 2010.
Cause of Death
Last Seen.
Known For
Son of Young and Wollow.
Also Known As
No information

Kuhglocken (VLM146) was born into the Lazuli Mob on November 11, 2008. His mother is Young and his father was most likely Wollow. His litter-mates are Soul Hudson(VLM148),Toppen(VLF145),Franz(VLM149) and Snowy (VLM147). Just a month after he was born, his mother Young the dominant of the group was seen pregnant in December and gave birth in January to Sammy Jo, Chuck Norris, Bernie, Finnlex, Old Greg and Rufio. When Kuhglocken was three months old, he and his brothers were no longer the youngest of the group and began to take care of themselves. During the first year of Kuhglocken his mother along with the older sisters of Kuhglocken, gave birth regularly litters, sometimes Kuhglocken helped to take care of the puppies, or took sentry posts. In May 2010 Kuhglocken along with Wollow, Snowy, and Soul Hudson went as roving and were absent at the end of the month. Next month, everyone returned to the group. On October 9, 2010, Kuhglocken was absent at the end of the month and in November 2010 he was considered last seen.