Kudu(VVM076)was born in the Vivian group on March 3, 2002. His mother was a Vivian female maybe Rhian and his father was Darwin, a Young Ones male. His litter-mate was Nyala(VVF075). They survived to adulthood. Nyala was evicted with her sisters and disappeared on October 23, 2003. Kudu went roving with his brothers, Hannibal, Boba, Jabba, Richard, Daffyd, Emily Howard, Balders and Currey Fuzz. They joined the Balrog group. Hannibal, Kudu and Boba were the oldest males and fougth for dominance. Boba won and became the dominant male. Hannibal left the group and roved at the Gattaca where he mated with Risca. Kudu went roving with Richard, Daffyd, Emily Howard and Balders. They joined the Gattaca with Hannibal. Kudu was younger then Hannibal by was five months. Hannibal was the oldest of the males but he left the group with some fo the evicted Gattaca females and disappared. Kudu was the oldest male but died on March 5, 2007. Daffyd took dominance of the Gattaca but soon died. The other Vivian males had died or left the group.


Vivian Mob

Balrog Mob

Gattaca Mob

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