Van Helsing

Kreuger(VVHM018) was born on February 14, 2009 into the Van Helsing Mob to mother and dominant female Billy, while her father was an undefined rover. A quite rare occasion, he was born with only one littermate: A brother, Manson(VVHM019). Manson and Kreuger lived in the group for two and a half years until like most males of the age, the brothers went roving with their cousins Cecil, Pepper and Jizzle in June 2011. The five males roved at the nearby Aztecs where they came across three evicted females. The Van Helsing males spent the night with the girls in a bolt hole and the next day were followed as a new mob.


The group of eight members were dubbed as the Pandora Mob. One of the females named Snowflake quickly took female dominance, albeit male dominance was not established at the end of the month and the males conitued to rove away from the mob, although always returned. Finally Pepper became the dominant male. After this, Kreuger was considered Last Seen in October 2011. He likely joined wild females outside of the study area, common behavior for males that have failed to reach dominant status.


Van Helsing Mob

Pandora Mob

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