Kodiak(VSQM033) was born in August 2011 into the Sequoia Mob. His mother was Benzedrine and his father was Bruce. Kodiak was born into a litter of four, his litter-mates included his one brother VSQM034 and two sisters Talkeenta(VSQF035) and Kenia(VSQF036). Sadly VSQM034 was predated a month after birth while the rest of the litter survived their first few months. Then in February 2012 Kodiak, disappeared at the age of only 6 months in a group split. Most fo the meerkats returned however he and five others meerkats disappared.


In APril 2012, a group of meerkats was found and called the Hooligans. This mob containd three of the splinter group members. Kodiak was not with them and was considered Last Seen with his older sister Wee Radge in April 2012.


Sequoia Mob

Hooligans Mob

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