Kit-Kat(VJXF011) was born on October 31, 2008 in the JaXX. Her mother was Diana and her father was Vince. Her litter-mates were four brothers named Twix(VJXM009), Snickers(VJXF010), Rolo(VJXM012) and Boost(VJXM013). Her mother and father were the dominant pair of the JaXX at the time. Being the pups of the dominant couple, the JaXX took exact care of Kit-Kat and her brothers. All five pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adult. By two mounts of age, Kit-Kat's mother Diana gave birth to another litter. Kit-Kat and her siblings were then no longer the youngest members in the family. Kit-Kat and her siblings were old enough to take care of themselves but not old enough to help babysit or care for the pups. At the age of seven months, Kit-Kat's litter-mate brother Boost disappeared along with Vince and Spike and was Last Seen on May 1, 2009. Sadly two months later on July 1, 2009 Kit-Kat was predated. Her three remaining brothers survived to adulthood.


JaXX Mob

Diana Lazuli

Boost JaXX

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