Some meerkats have been a dominant meerkat longer than others. These meerkat are called Long-term. A dominant meerkat must be a dominant for six years or more to be considered a Long-Term Dominant Meerkat. This is an enough time for the dominant to replace all the members of their group with their own children, those some members will be their grandchildren or nieces and nephews. Any shorter than six years than the meerkat is called a short-term dominant meerkat. Members may not be their children and when they died or lose dominance some else pup may take dominance. The Long-Term dominant meerkats are given the coveted title as a King or Queen of the Kalahari!

Queen of Queens


Mabili the queen of the Drie Doring

Main Article: Mabili Drie Doming

Mabili is most certainly the Queen of Queens. She holds the title of Kalahari Meerkat Project dominant female for ten year! She was the long-term dominant female of the Drie Doring. She was born in the Drie Doring mob and after her mother died, she became the dominant female in July 1995. She stayed dominant for approximately ten years. She produced over 22 litters in her long reign. She had 79 surviving offspring. Many of her children form or joined other groups. Mabili stayed the Drie Doring matriarch until 2006. After she died her daughter Makonkie took over as dominant female. One of her remaining sons, Gazebo, is the dominant male of the Frisky

King of Kings

Main Article: Zaphod Vivian

Zaphod Vivian(VVM032)

Zaphod the King of the Kalahari

Zaphod was the Long-term dominant male of the Whiskers and now is the Dominant Male of the Aztecs. He has reign as a Dominant for seven years! Zaphod first became a dominant when he was four years old. Now he is twelve. Zaphod was born in the Vivian Mob on December 9, 1998. His mother was the dominant female of the group named Vivian. His father was a rover from the Elveera mob named Phoenix. Zaphod had two litter-mates named Yossarian and Rapunzel. He stayed in the Vivian the first few years of his life. The he and his brothers went roving. There were eleven males in this roving group. They joined the joined the Whiskers in 2002. The Whiskers had just lost their dominant pair. Zaphod only became the dominant male after Izit and Risca left. Vialli became his mate but she died and Flower took dominance. They reigned for five years. After Flower died Zaphod left the Group with his sons and joined the Aztecs were he took dominance next to his niece, Monkulus. He can't mate with her but he helps her led the Aztecs and is still there today.

Queens of the Kalahari

This is a list of Long-term dominant females who have been dominances for six or more years.

Asterix Young Ones

Main Article: Asterix Young Ones 

Asterix Dominant Female of the Young Ones

Asterix was born in the Young Ones and is the last daughter of Morgause and her father was Keros. Her mother Morgause died around 2004 and her older sister Veda became the new dominant female. Veda mated with a Whiskers male, Zaphod and gave birth to three pups. Shortly after, Veda died and Asterix became the dominant female of the Young Ones. After the resident males left the Young Ones, a group of two males emigrated. One of the males was the Vivian male recently Whiskers named Alexander. Asterix and Alexander were the new dominant pair. Asterix was not very productive in terms of litters of pups and the mob dwindled in numbers. Most of the males left and Alexander died. Asterix led the Young Ones until she died from either disease or predation, just before the Young Ones were lost. Two of her sons would become rovers at the Aztecs and Whiskers while her lost son Axel was adopted by the Whiskers.

Cazanna Lazuli

Main Article: Cazanna Lazuli


Cazanna Empress of the Lazuli

Cazanna was born into the Lazuli in 1999. Her mother was Ziziphusand her father was Belgarion. In late 2001 her mother died and another female took dominant female. Cazanna overthrew her sister taking the dominant position. Then in late 2001 Vivian rovers join the group. One of the malesBasilwho took dominance next to her. They were dominant for two years before Basil died of disease. JD took over as dominant male of the Lazuli before he left to form the PQ moband Starsky. J. Alfred Prufruckprobably took over after him. Cazanna mated with Yossarian, one of the roving males that hung around Lazuli. She also mated with Grog but there's no information on any pups, probably there was none at all. All of her litters were fathered by Basil except her last. Cazanna gave birth to her last litter father by Yossarian, Ginand Tonic. Cazanna lived on before dying of disease herself. Her daughter Aretha took dominant female after her. Her Daughter Dianais now dominant female of the JaXX Moband her son Thundercat isDominant male of the Whiskers Mob. Cazanna was the dominant female from 2001 to 2008, seven years in all

Flower Whiskers

Main Article: Flower Whiskers

Flower Whiskers

Flower loved Whisker Queen

Flower probably was the most famous dominant female but she was rather average in her reign. Flower was born in the Whiskers mob on March 15, 2000. She lived in the Whiskers her whole life. After her mother died, Risca won dominance only to lose it to Vialli. Risca left with some of the Vivian males and formed a new group. Zaphod and Vialli took dominance but Vialli died soon after having their first litter and Flower was the oldest female left in the group. Vialli had evicted all the females older then Flower already making it easy for her to take dominance. Zaphod became her long-term mate. She reigned for five years and all the meerkats in the group, besides her mate Zaphod, three litters of grandchildren and Axel, were her own children. She died on January 25, 2007 from a cape cobra bite when the Whiskers moved burrows. Flower has had a movie called Meerkat Manor the Story Begins and a book called Flower of the Kalahari written about her.

Grumpy Lazuli


Grumpy the queen of the Moomins

Main Article: Grumpy Lazuli

Grumpy was born on January 21, 2000 with her 6 litter mates, her mother was Ziziphus the dominant female and her father was Belgarion the dominant male of the Lazuli. Grumpy and her siblings survive to adulthood then Ziziphus died, the new dominant female evicted Grumpy and her sister Sleepy. The two stayed together then find Drie Doring Male. The new group was called Moomins Mob. Grumpy won dominance and Burgan became the dominant male. The group had trouble trying to raise their first litter of pups. After that Grumpy and Burgan produced most of the litters in the group. Then in early 2007 her long time partner Burgan died, Grumpy’s son Toft took the position of dominant male. The group split leaving Grumpy with five other females. Then a Hoax male named Houdini joined them and became Grump’s new mate. Shortly after Houdini four wild males joined. Leonardo took dominance from Houdini. He later left followed by Grumpy’s niece Little My. Grumpy led a small group of her daughters Hemulen, Misable, Regopstaan and Frida and four wild males named Leonardo, Donatello, Raphaeland Michelangelo. For the next two years Grumpy didn’t have any successful litters, but the groups numbers keep raising thank to Frida two large litter and then in April after giving birth to 6 pups. Hemulen, Grumpy year year old daughter overthrew Grumpy and took dominance of the group. Grumpy sadly was taken by disease in June and died. She was the dominant female of eight years.

Jubulani Young Ones

Main Article: Jubulani Young Ones

Jubulani was born in the Young Ones Mob on June 2, 1996. Her mother was either Morgause or Igraine. She only lived in the group for a year then was evicted along with Igraine, and a few other females. They found the Hobo mob, with consisted of just the Young Ones females. The females were not followed in 1998, and then reappeared in 1999, with wild males. At first Jubulani lost dominance, then regained it. She then evicted Igraine and two other Frisky females. The evicted females started the Jabberwocky Mob. After the wild male who was dominant male died, a Young one male joined the group and took dominant next to Jubulani. She sadly died on February 23, 2004.

Morgause Avatar

Main Article: Morgause Avatar

Morgause was born on January 18, 1994 in a group called Avatar. Her mother was Venus. Morgause and three other females were the last remaining members of the lost Avatar group. Morgause and her sisters Ziziphus, Igraine and Lazuli lived a nomadic existence until the group split up and formed new groups. Ziziphus and Lazuli formed the Lazuli. Morgause and Igraine met some Drie Doring males and formed Young Ones in 1995. Morgause established female dominance and became the dominant female. She mated with a Male named Arah and gave birth to a litter, one pups was Stinker. Arah didn’t become the dominant male though. Another one of the Drie Doring males named Keros took the position of dominant male and was the Young Ones first dominant male. He fathered most of her litter after. Morgause was the dominant female for nine years, making her one of the successful long-term dominants of the KMP. Her first loved Keros died leaving Morgause without a mate. An Elveera male named Sprite took over as dominant some time after. In 1997 Morgause evicted Igraine and a few other females and they founded Frisky along with some wild males. Igraine was dominant for a very brief period before she lost that position to Jubulani, either her daughter or Morgause’s daughter. Along with a wild male with males from Lazuli. Sprite died and after a long reign Morgause disappeared on February 18, 2004 and was either taken by disease or a predator. Many of her children and grandchildren formed other groups like the Whiskers and Frisky

Rhian Vivian

Main Article: Rhian Vivian

Rhian VVF029 with Researcher2

Rhian the Queen of the Vivian

Rhian was born in the Vivian group. Her mother was Vivianand her father was Stinker. Rhian's litter-mate was Zazu and VVP028. Rhian lived in the Vivian mob her whole life. When her mother Vivian died in 2000, Rhian took over dominant female of the group. Her father Stinker left the Vivian to go roving in search of other mating opportunities. Another male, Rhian's brother called, Captain Jack took over dominant male of the Vivian till some Young Ones males emigrated into the group. One of the males was named Jim Bob. He took dominance beside Rhian. The two had many litters in her reign. Rhian was the dominant female of the Vivian for seven years. Unfortunately, both Rhian and Jim Bob died of Tuberculosis in 2007 and died. Rhian played Nikita in season 1, 2 and 3 of Meerkat Manor.

Risca Whiskers

Main Article: Risca Whiskers

Risca was born on August 17, 1998 in the Whiskers. She was in the first litter of pups. Her mother was not the dominant female
Risca Whiskers

Risca the leader of the Gattaca

Holly but Brambles her sister. Her father was Argon. She lived as a subordinate female for under Holly. Her mother and aunts got evict making Risca the oldest female in the group. Holly died in September 2000. Risca took over as dominant female. She evicted females and some of the Males left to rove. Then eleven Vivian males emigrated into the group. Izit took over as dominant male despite Basil being older. Risca wasn’t able to produce a litter in the Whiskers. She kept losing them to other females. Izit for dominance and the Vivian male start fight for dominances. He left the group. Soon Risca loses dominance to Vialli and who became the dominant female next to Zaphod. Vialli evicted Risca as well as Wahine. The two stayed together soon team up with three Vivian males, Izit, Vervain and Deejay to form Gattaca. Risca was weakened by the fight with Vialli. Wahine took over as dominant female next to Izit. A few months later Wahine was killed and Risca took dominant female. Shortly after Stinker (ex-dominant male of Vivian) joined the group and took the dominant male position from his son. The group forms slowly since Risca wasn’t very productive. In 2005 Izit overthrew Stinker and took male dominance next to Risca again. Then disease hit the group. Almost 9 year old Risca was died and soon after Gattaca was lost. She was a dominant female for six years.

Vivian Vivian

Main Article: Vivian Vivian

Vivian was the only tamed meerkat even to live at the Kalahari Meerkat Project study site. She was released at the project’s farmhouse in 1995. Vivian teamed up with some Drie Doring males and formed a new group called Vivian named after herself. Vivian had many children who would become dominants in other groups. He mate died and Stinker, a Young Ones male, joined her. She later mated with an Elveera rover named Phoenix and gave birth to his pups, Rapunzel, Yossarian and Zaphod. Vivian died in 2000, and her daughter Rhian became the next dominant female after her. Vivian’s sons Basil, Izit, Zaphod, Alexander, and Yossarian would all be dominants of other groups. Her daughter Splash would take dominance in the Rascals. Vivian reign for six long years. Her daughter Velvet became dominant female of Balrog.

Ziziphus Avatar

Main Article: Ziziphus Avatar

Ziziphus was born in Avatar group but she was first seen on October 20th 1993. Her mother was Venus the dominant female. Ziziphus and her sister Lazuli later left the Avatar and joined some wild males though some were known to have originated from the Phantom group by the KMP. Lazuli first took dominant and the group was named after him, the Lazuli Mob. Ziziphus then took dominance form her and held it until in the December 28th, 2000 when she died of disease. Her mate was named Belgarion. She had many litters and many of her daughters became dominance themselves like her daughter Cazanna who took dominance after her death.

Zorilla Gattaca

Zorilla as Nikita

Zorilla the Commander of the Commandos

Main Article: Zorilla Gattaca

Zorilla was born on November 23, 2003. One of her litter mates was Kleintjie. When Zorilla and her sister were about one year old they mother Risca evicted them. The two team up with some Young Ones males to form the Commandos. Zorilla took the dominant female position of the Commandos. Aragorn took male dominance beside her. Zorilla gave birth to the first litter of pups. Two of them were Ketamine and Benzedrine. The group grew fast, having 33 pups in one and a half years. Zorilla allowed Kleintjie to stay in the group. In early 2007 Zorilla long-term dominant male Aragorn died. She mated with Jogu and gave birth to Benno, Yara, Cody and Sera. Then five Whiskers males join the group, Zarathustra became her new mate. In late 2007 Zorilla began to evict her daughters. Zorilla keep bring up pups. Then in early 2009 Zorilla, Miles, Baker, Karim and Cody died of Tuberculosis.

Kings of the Kalahari

This is a list of Long-Term dominant females who have been dominances for six or more years.

Alexander Vivian

Main Article: Alexander Vivian

Alexander was born on February 25, 1999 with two brothers Genghis and Attia. Alexander and his two brothers stay with Vivian for

Alexander the Great Leader of the Young Ones

two years. His parents were Vivian and Stinker. On June 27, 2001, Basil, Izit, Zaphod, Yossarian, Genghis, Alexander, Govinda, Phooey, Attila, Patis and Zazu join the Whiskers. Alexander older brother Izit took dominant male but last it to Zazu. His brothers left the group to join the Lazuli and Gattaca. Alexander stayed in the Whiskers a little longer. His half brother Zaphod won dominance. On October 10, 2004, Alexander and Flower and Zaphod’s son Einstein left the group and join Young Ones, where Alexander took dominant male next to Asterix. Alexander stayed dominant male for many years until wild males join the group. Alexander was found dead after that. Two of Alexander's sons were rovers at the Aztecs and Whiskers. Alexander is the grandfather of the Aztecs first litter, Homestar Runner is the father. Alexander was featured on Meerkat Manor as Frank the dominant male of the Zappa, Asterix played Lola. He was the real after of Axel, Homestar Runner (Wilson) and Philippe.

Belgarion Lazuli

Main Article: Belgarion Lazuli

Belgarion was a wild meerkat who joined the Two Avatar females who formed the Lazuli Mob. His first mate was Lazuli who later was dethroned by her sister Ziziphus. He retained his dominance and father many litters. His daughters and son formed many groups; two of his sons formed the Whiskers. Many of his daughters formed new
Belgarion Lazuli
groups, like the Moomins. Belgarionwas the
Burgan Drie Doring(VDM049)

Burgan the Emperor of the Moomins

dominant male until 2000 when he died from disease along with Ziziphus.

Burgan Drie Doring

Main Article: Burgan Drie Doring

Burgan was born on the 16th August 1999 in the Drie Doring Mob. His mother was Mabili and his father was Keros. He stayed in the Drie Doring for two years until began to rove. He soon left the group with another Drie Doring male. They met up with two Lazuli females in the year 2001. They joined the Lazuli females and started a new group, called the Moomins Mob. The Moomins established a territory. Burgan was the oldest male in the group and took the position of dominant male. One of the Lazuli females, Grumpy, took the role of dominant female. After a while, both Burgan and Grumpy were fitted with radio collars. After a while, Grumpy gave birth to her first litter fathered by Burgan. He was dominant male of the group for seven years until on the 1st January 2007, he sadly died. His son Toft took dominance after him beside his mother Grumpy.

Jim Bob Young Ones

Main Article: Jim Bob Young Ones

Hannibal Commandos

Jim Bob asthe leader of the Vivian

Jim Bob was born in the Young Ones group. His mother was Morgause and his father was Keros. At the age of one Jim Bob lost his eye to a predator but he survived and recovered fast. He was very much like his father and was often seen on sentry despite the loss of his eye. He lived in the Young Ones for a few years till he and some Young Ones males one being Douglas left the group to rove. They came across a new group which lost their dominant pair. Rhian was the new dominant female and needed an unrelated male to be her mate. They Young Ones males emigrated into the Vivian group. Jim Bob was the oldest and biggest of the males. He easily took dominance with Rhian as his mate. He fathered all of Rhian’s litters. They brought the Vivian up in numbers and made them a strong fearsome group. The Vivian then ruled over a big territory. Jim Bob reigned for seven years in the Vivian till he died of Tuberculosis in 2007. He was the last dominant male of the Vivian. He also played Hannibal in Meerkat Manor seasons 1, 2 and 3. Rhian played Nikita.

Stinker Young Ones


Stinker as the lesder of the Vivian

Main Article: Stinker Young Ones

Stinker was born in the Young Ones group. His mother was Morgause and his father was Arah of the Drie Doring, but he wasn’t the dominant male. Then when he was an adult he join the Vivian Mob and took the dominant male position next to dominant female Vivian. He stay dominant for a few year, then Vivian died, he left the group. He joined the Gattaca which was formed by his sons and Whiskers females. He overthrew his son Izit and held dominance for five years next to Risca. Then his son Izit overthrew him and Stinker left the Gattaca group. Over three years, Stinker had been seen roving 27 times at the Balrog group. Finally he joined Balrog where he was the dominant male for five days next to Babbelas. On the 5th day, three wild rovers emigrated into the group and kicked him out, Chino took dominance. Stinker disappeared soon afterwards. Stinker was featured on the hit show Meerkat Manor as a roving male called Sondheim, though in some countries he goes by his real name. He mated with Mozart of the Whiskers. He was seen as the grandfather of Carlos (JD). He was said to be one of the smoothest meerkat around. He wasn't mentioned after that as the Gattaca died out.

Short-Term Dominant Meerkats

Some meerkats only take dominance for a few months to a few years. These dominant meerkats are called short-term dominants since they lost their rank so how. They can lose dominance to another meerkat, or become injury and either died or lose dominance to another meerkat. Some simply died from predation of disease. Here is the list of the Honored short-term Dominant Meerkats how have died.

Short-Term Dominant Females

Aretha Lazuli

Main Article: Aretha Lazuli

Aretha was born on the February 22, 2005 in the Lazuli. Her mother was Cazanna and her father was Basil. She was born in a
Aretha dominant1

Aretha her Majesty of the Lazuli

litter of five pups. After he father and later her mother died she became the dominant female of the Lazuli. Her brother Padloper took over as dominant male before he died. J. Afred Prufrock took over as the dominant male. Aretha had a few litters before she died. She reigned for only a year.

Beebop Elveera

Main Article: Beebop Elveera

Beebop was born into the Elveera in January of 2007. Her mother was Lambert and her father was Habusu. Beebop was evicted by Jo Jo Hello and disappeared in July of 2008. In November of 2008, Beebop reappeared with a wild male, two Whiskers males and two sub-adults. They formed the PK which became known as Beebop’s group. Beebop and Machu Pichu took dominance. Beebop had one litter in the group before she, the wild male, and two of the pups get disappeared. Beebop was found dead in February of 2009.

Blondie Rascals

Main Article: Blondie Rascals

Blondie was born on April 2, 2005. Her mother was Yeca and her father was Spofl. Blondie lived in the Rascals as a subordinate female for two years. Then in June 2007 Blondie’s mother died and soon father disappeared. Blondie took dominant female of the Rascals. Harvey her brother took dominant male. Then in October two Frisky males join the group. Fable took dominant male. Soon after the two males left and all Rascals males including her brother disappeared, right after that two wild males join the group. The group is made up of four females and two males. One of the females disappeared. Soon after the two males left Blondie left in charge of two females. Then another three wild males join the group. In August Blondie younger sister Islay gave birth to the first surviving litter in more than a year but only one of the 5 pups survive. In November 2008 Blondie gave birth to 5 pups but only 3 would survive. The three wild males soon disappeared and would be replaced by another two wild males. In July Blondie disappeared and Islay took dominance but she was predated and now Blondie’s daughter Sancerre leads the group.

Islay Rascals

Main Article: Islay Rascals

Islay was born on the 18th September in 2006 in the Rascals. Her mother was Yeca and her father was Spofl. After Yeca died Blondie took over as dominant female of the Rascal. Islay gave birth to a litter of pups but only her son Tigi survived. Blondie also gave birth to a litter of 5 pups, but only three survived, Sancerre, Rioja and Grigio. In July 2009 Blondie died and Islay took over as dominant female. Her reign was one of the shortest. September 2009 Islay predated. She was only the dominant female for three months. Sancerre takes over as dominant female after most likely beating her sister Rioja.

Rocket Dog Whiskers

Main Article: Rocket Dog Whiskers

Rocket Dog young dominant

Rocket Dog the Matriarch of the Whiskers

Rocket Dog was born in the Whiskers on December 6, 2003. Her mother was Flower and her father was Yossarian. Her litter-mates were Kinkajou, Super Furry Animal and Ragga Muffin. She first became a dominant three days before her fourth birth day. She led a splinter group with Mitch. Later the two groups rejoined. No long after that Flower died and she became the real dominant female of the whole Whiskers group with Zarathustra as dominant male. The group dropped in numbers do to evictions and roving. A Commando male named Drew joined the Whiskers for a few days but was kicked out by Zaphod. Both Zaphod and Zarathustra left the group to rove. Mitch disapeared leaving Machu Pichu as the oldest male in the group. She had one litter with Homestar Runner. Her two pups were Nugget and Beaker. She led the Whiskers for about a year before she died. Her son went roving with other males and may have joined wild female where he could have taken dominance since he was the oldest male. Rocket Dog evicted many female which them formed amny new groups. Rocket Dog’s reign was short but she led the Whiskers through a hard time in Whiskers’ history.

Short-Term Dominant Males

J. Alfred Prufrock Lazuli

Main Article: J. Alfred Prufrock Lazuli

J. Alfred Prufrock was born on 24 February 2005 in the Lazuli. His mother was either Cazanna or Alina who both gave birth to a
J. Alfred Prufrock

J. Alfred Prufrock the Dominant Male of the Hoppla

mixed litter. Basil died and later Cazanna. Aretha took over as dominant female and while Padloper took over as dominant male. Then in August Padloper died and in September 2007 J. Alfred Prufrock took male dominance of the as he was the oldest male in the group, apart from his brother Fanny. Over the next five months J. Alfred and Aretha ruled the Lazuli. Then in May 2008 Aretha sadly died. Young took dominance next to J. Alfred. The next month the natal males went roving, and a group of Whiskers males joined the Lazuli. J. Alfred and the other males were kicked out of the Lazuli. J. Alfred the four other males joined five Nutter females. The new group was called Hoppla, J. Alfred Prufrock took dominant male as the female fought for dominance. Then in the winter, TB hit the group, most the members show signs of TB, and the group is no longer followed after July 2009. It is unknown if J. Alfred survived, but it is likely that he died. He was a dominant male for two years.

Homestar Runner Young Ones

Main Article: Homestar Runner Young Ones

Homestar Runner and his brother, Philippe, were born on August 15, 2005. His mother was Asterix and his father was Alexander. He went roving and joined the Aztecs where he became the dominant male. A month later a group so Whiskers males emigrated into the group and kicked him out. Homestar Runner returned to the Young Ones. He and his father and brother were later were kicked out of the Young Ones by some wild males. Alexander died but he and Philippe kept roving. He mated with Rocket Dog and Ella. They later had his pups. Homestar roved at the Whiskers and Aztecs for many months before he died in April 2008.

Machu Pichu Whiskers

Main Article: Machu Pichu Whiskers

Machu Pichu snake bite wound

Machu Pichu the monarch of the PK

Machu Pichu was born in the Whiskers group on the 6th December 2004. His mother was Flower and his father was Zaphod. Machu Pichu was born in a litter of 4 pups. His litter-mates were Petra and Popkat and Ningaloo. He and his siblings were actually the seventh litter born to Flower in the Whiskers. Popkat died as a pup. Machu Pichu became the dominant male of the Whiskers after Zaphod and Zarathustra led roving coalitions away from the group. He was the oldest male till his litter-mate brother returned but Ningaloo later joined the Kung Fu. Machu Pichu got bitten by a snake but he recovered. He led a small group of five Whiskers males into the Lazuli where he took dominance but lost to Wollow. He was still recovering from the snake bit. He later left and joined Beebop and formed the PK group. He took dominance of the PK group. The group though was lost and Machu Pichu disappeared.

JD Lazuli

Main Article: JD Lazuli

JD was born in the Lazuli on March 14, 2002. His mother was Cazanna and his father was Basil. JD was a regular rover. He was often seen roving at the Whiskers. He mated with many females from the Whiskers. After his father
Meet carlos

JD the Captain of the Starsky

died he took over as dominant male of the Lazuli for a while. He left the Lazuli group by 2007 for good to rove. He and two of his brothers joined to evicted Young Ones females and one pup. They formed a new group called the PQ. He took dominance with Tequila as dominant female. TB hit the group killing one of the Lazuli males and the other Young Ones female. JD, Shoy and Shady, Tequila’s pup, left the PQ. They soon joined four evicted Whiskers females, Mozart, Kinkaju, Armanita Dutch and De La Soul. They formed the Starsky. He took up dominance beside Kinkaju but he sadly died of TB. The rest of the group died soon after. He father some litters before he died. His children are Jogu, Maladoy, Tina Sparkle, Spud, Wollow, Miss Lilly The Pink, Ju Drop and Karim.

Panthro Whiskers

Main Article: Panthro Whiskers

Panthro was born in the Whiskers on the 29th January 2006. His parents were Flower and Zaphod. His litter-mates were Wiley Kat and Cheetara. When Panthro was older he and his brothers Zarathustra, Miles and Baker, and nephew Karim emigrated into the Commandos Mob. Zarathustra the oldest male took dominance next to Zorilla. When Zarathustra, Miles, Baker, Karim and Zorilla died, Panthro took the dominant male position alongside Celidh, Zorilla's daughter and the new dominant female. The Commandoes moved away from the monitored area and could no longer be tracked.

Yossarian Vivian

Yossarian Vivian

Yossarian, the former dominante male of the Whiskers

Main Article: Yossarian Vivian

Yossarian was born in the Vivian on December 9, 1998. His litter-mates were Zaphodand Rapunzel. His mother was Vivian and his father was an Elveera rover named Phoenix. When he was an adult meerkat he left with his brothers and joined the Whiskers. After some dominant changes Yossarian finally became the dominant male beside Flower. He only fathered two of her litters. After the second litter was born Zaphod over threw him. Yossarian would never be the dominant male of the Whiskers again. The Whiskers split and Yossarian had another chance at being dominant male but his daughter Super Furry Animal became the dominant female of the group. Later his niece ousted her and took dominance. Yossarian led the group with Baddiel. When the splinter rejoined the Whiskers Zaphod won back dominance. Yossarian later went roving with Zarathustra and joined a Young Ones male named Sepp. They emigrated into the Lazuli while the males were roving. Yossarian would have become the dominant male but the Lazuli males returned and attacked them. They killed Sepp but Yossarian and his son got away. Yossarian was mortally wounded and died in a bolt hole. Only Zarathustra survived and later returned to the Whiskers. Yossarian was the dominant male of the Whiskers for only a year or so before Zaphod over threw him.

Zarathustra Whiskers

Main Article: Zarathustra Whiskers

Zarathustra was born into the Whiskers on the twenty-second of February in 2006. His litter-mates were Pozzo, Monkulus, Lucky
Zarathustra with VCD0702 pup

Zarathusra the General of the Commados

and Armanita Ditch. His mother was Flower and his father was Yossarian who was the dominant male at the time. Zarathustra and his father joined a Young Ones male named Sepp and joined the Lazuli when he was older. The Lazuli males killed Sepp and Yossarian. He returned to the Whiskers. He later took dominance after Zaphod left beside Rocket Dog but he soon left to rove. He and four other Whiskers males emigrated into the Commandoes where he too dominance beside Zorilla. He died in February 2008. Zarathustra was a good mate to Zorilla leading the fearsome Commandos which suit him just find.

Up Coming Queens

There are some dominant females and males today that have not become Long-Term.

Benzedrine Commandos

Main Article: Benzedrine Commandos

Benzedrine was born in-between January 24th and January 30th in the Commandos. Her mother was Zorilla and her father was Aragorn. She lived in the group till 2007 when she got evicted with her aunt Kleintjie. The two teams up with some rovers. Kleintjie too dominance of the new group called the Kung Fu. Benzedrine gave birth to the first litter of pups. She was later evicted by her aunt and team up with a Whisker female. They two stayed together and teamed up with many rovers. Finally Bruce a long-term rover stayed with the females with a Hoax male and a Toyota male. The new group was called Sequoia. Benzedrine took dominance of the group with Bruce. She and Bruce have reign over the Sequoia of two years. She has four more to go to be like her mother Zorilla.

Diana Lazuli

Main Article: Diana Lazuli

Dianawas born on December 4, 2004 in the Lazuli. Her mother was Cazanna and her father was Basil. She lived in the Lazuli till
Diana Lazuli(VLF102) 6

Diana the Manager of the JaXX

2008. She was excited by the new dominant female with her niece Papillon who gave birth while evicted. They were joined by some males and formed a new group called the JaXX. Vince took dominant beside Diana. The two ruled theJaXX till May 2009. Vince was the dominant male for a year till he disappeared probably predated. Diana and Vince’s eldest son Kori takes over as dominant male beside his mother. Diana has ruled the JaXX for two year and hopefully many more to come.

Ella Whiskers

Main Article: Ella Whiskers

Ella was born on August 26, 2005 in the Whiskers. Her mother Flower and her father was Zaphod. She lived her whole life in the Whiskers. Flower died early 2007 and Rocket Dog took over as dominant female. Ella was unlikely to take dominance since there were many females older then her. Rocket Dog started to evicted females. Soon Ella was the oldest female under Rocket Dog. She was evicted from the first time but got back in the group. Rocket Dog sadly died and Ella was left with a broken group. She took charge of the group but she kept losing members. Thundercat a Lazuli male and her cousin joined the group and took dominance. They have raised the number of the Whiskers. She has only been a dominant female of the Whiskers for two years. She still has a long way to go to prove she is a Queen like her mother.

Kleintjie Gattaca

Main Article: Kleintjie Gattaca

Kleintjiewas born on November 23, 2003 in the Gattaca mob. Her mother was Risca and her father was Izit. She and her sister
were evicted and joined some Young Ones males. Zorilla and Aragorn took dominance of the Commandos the new group. Kleintjie stayed in the Commandos for three years. She was evicted with her niece Benzedrine in 2007. They teamed up with some males of different origins. The new group was called Kung Fu. She took dominance of the new group. Her first mate was Clinton Baptiste but he was Last Seen in April 2008. Ningaloo took over as dominant male. Kleintjie has reign over the Kung Fu for two years now.

Mist Drie Doring

Main Article: Mist Drie Doring

Mist was born on September 3, 2006 in the Drie Doring. Her mother was Makonkie and her father was Osprey. Her litter-mates
Mist Drie Doring

Mist the Supervisor of the Drie Doring

were her two brothers Loki and Thor. On the 18th September 2008 Mist gave birth to her fist litter. Being a suborn ante meant her mother could kill her pups but she allowed them to live. Not long after that her mother died. Mist was the oldest female in the group at the age of two. She took over as dominant female in October 2008. Her cousin Finn MacCool was the dominant male at the time but he lost dominance to Thor her litter-mate brother. Her other litter-mate brother Loki disappeared while roving some time before Mist became the dominant female. Mist and Thor ruled the Drie Doring for a few months. Then Thor soon went roving like all adult males do. Finn MacCool took over as the dominant male again. Mist has produce some litters but she needs an unrelated male to breed with. Mist had mated with some rovers and produces litters keeping the Drie Doring numbers pup. She has ruled over the Drie Doring for year and a half now.

Monkulus Whiskers

Main Article: Monkulus Whiskers

Monkulus was born in the Whiskers on February 22, 2004 . Her mother was Flower and her father was Yossarian. Her litter-mates
Monkulus May081

Monkulus the Leader of the Aztecs

were Armanita Dutch, Zarathustra, Lucky and Pozzo. Shortly after she and her sibling were born Zaphod overthrew Yossarian. She lived in the Whiskers till 2007. After Flower died Rocket Dog took over as dominant female. She and some of the member got separated from the Main group. The splinter group never rejoined so they were called the Aztecs. For a long time the group was only led by Monkulus the dominant female. All the males returned but one. Homestar Runner joined the group but was kicked out by Zaphod and her brothers. She has reign over the Aztecs from three years now. In three more years she with be consisted Long-term. The she like her mother with be a Queen of the Kalahari.

Sancerre Rascals

Main Article: Sancerre Rascals

Sancerre was born between October 29 or 31 2008 in the Rascal. Her mother was Blondie. After her mother and aunt died she took over as dominant female of the Rascal with Grus a wild male. She took over in September 2009. She is the youngest and newest of dominant females.

Quaver Frisky

Main Article: Quaver Frisky

Quaver was born the 7th threw the 10th December 2007. Her mother was Bootle. She lived in the Frisky as a subordinate female till February 2010. After her mother died she took over as dominant female at the age of two. She has been in charge of the Frisky for almost a year beside her father Gazeebo, who occasionally roves.

Up Coming Kings

Bruce Chuckle Bros

Main Article: Bruce Chuckle Bros

Brucewas first seen in the population in May 2008 as a habituated but none ID chipped rover. Then around May 2008 he was place in the category group called the Chuckle Bros. He was seen roving at the Aztecs and may have fathered some pups there. He rover for a long time till him and two other males ran into tow evicted females. This group was called the Sequoia. He took dominance of the group beside Benzedrine in December 2008. He has been a dominant for a year and a half. In December 2010 he would have been a dominant for two years.

Finn MacCool Drie Doring

Main Article: Finn MacCool Drie Doring

Finn MacCoolwas born on April 6, 2006 in the Drie Doring Mob. His mother was Clarabella. He took over as dominant male in
Finn MacCool5

Finn MacCool the new Commander of the Drie Doring

November 2007. He was a year and a half by then. He was over thrown by his cousin Thor for a while. Thor left the Drie Doring to rove and Finn MacCool has taken over again in November 2008. He has been a dominant year and a half now.

Gazebo Drie Doring

Main Article: Gazebo Drie Doring

Gazebo was born on September 29, 2004 in the Drie Doring. His mother was Mabili. After his mother died and his sister took over
Kori JaXX(2)

Kori the young co-pilot of the JaXX

as dominant female he left the group and joined the Frisky. Bootle was the new dominant female and she needed a mate. The two reign over the Frisky for too 2006 to 2010 when Bootle died. Her daughter Quaver took over as dominant female. Gazebo is still in the Frisky. She has been a dominant for four years now.

Kori JaXX

Main Article: Kori JaXX

Koriwas born on August 13, 2008 in the JaXX Mob. His mother is Diana and his father was Vince. After his father Vince, his younger brother Boost and Spike disappeared he took over as dominant male at a year of age. In May 2009 Kori took over as dominant male. He stop for a while probably too much for such a young meerkat. He reassumed dominance a few months later and still is the dominant male of the JaXX with his mother.

Ningaloo Whiskers

Main Article: Ningaloo Whiskers

Ningaloo the Kung Fu Master

Ningaloo was born on December 6, 2004 in the Whiskers. His mother was Flower and his father was Zaphod. He lived in the Whiskers till 2007. His mother died and Rocket Dog took over. He left with his father and brothers and joined the Aztecs. He didn’t stay long and rejoined the Whiskers. He later left with his nephew Wollow and joined two evicted females. With them were a Frisky male and a wild male. The new group became known as the Kung Fu. The dominant pair was Kleintjie and Clinton Baptiste. In April 2008 Clinton Baptiste disappeared probably predated. Ningaloo took over as dominant male. He has only ruled the Kung Fu for two years now. He has a long way to go to being a King like father.


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