King(VRRM130) was born in the Rascals on January 15, 2010. His mother was Rioja, a subordinate female, and his father was an unknown rover. The identity of this casanova may have been Marico Whiskers, who was seen roving at the Rascals three months before King was born. King was born in a litter of three with one brother named Lazy Useless B**Tard(VRRM131) and one sister named Calendula(VRRF129). The Rascals were a small mob at the time and the pups were much needed to boost their numbers. Despite the odds, King, his brother, and his sister made it through their first year. The dominant female Sancerre evicted his mother Rioja and his aunt Vela, Ara, and Lyra because of her pregnancy. In January 2011, Calendula was evicted for the first time in her life and disappeared along with Rioja, Vela, and Lyra. Only Ara rejoined the group. In March 2011, at fourteen months of age, King left on his first roving trip. He did not return to the group in April, and by May, he was considered Last Seen.


Rascals Mob

Rioja Rascals

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