Kine Rascals
Formally of the Rascals Mob
Birth Date
Death Date
Death Cause
Known For
Fathering Flower
Also Known For
First dominant male of the Rascals Mob


Kine(VRRM001) was a wild meerkat first seen in 1998. His birth date, parents and littermates are unknown. He, along with other wild males, joined up with Vivian females to start the Rascals Mob. Kine took dominance alongside Splash. Splash gave birth to two surviving pups, Yeca and Harvey. Yeca was believed to have been fathered by Kine. In early 2000, Kine went roving at the Whiskers group and mated with Holly, who later gave birth to Petal, Hazel, Thumper and Flower. Sadly, Kine was killed by a predator while roving. The date of his death is unknown. His mate Splash continued to lead the Rascals until her death in December 2003. Kine's possible daughter Yeca became the new dominant female at only 11 months old and lived on to be a very successful leader.

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