Kim as Colombus on Meerkat Manor


Kim(VWF089) was born on the February 22, 2005. Her mother was Flower, and her father was Zaphod, who were the dominant couple at the time. Her littermates were her two sisters Finn(VWF091) and Flo(VWF090). When the pups were only a few weeks old their babysitting burrow went under attack by the Lazuli Mob. Dominant male Basil, Kim's uncle, went down to kill the pups. Her older brother Shakespeare put himself in-between the three girls and Basil. The Whiskers returned and chased away the Lazuli. The three females were alright but Shakespeare was never seen again. It is thought he was killed by Basil. The three girls survived their first year. On September 21th, 2006 Kim was hit by a vehicle and died. Her two sisters survived and gave Kim some nieces and nephews later on. Flo, Finn and some of the other females gave brith to a mix litter of eight pups in the Whiskers. The pups were Burdock, Rhogan Josh, Amira, Rufus, Murray, Chiriqui, Etosha and Squig. Her two sisters even became dominance in other groups.

Meerkat Manor


Colombus (Kim)

was feactured as a pup named Basil in season 1 of Meerkat Manor. She also played Colombus when she wasn't seen with her two sisters. But it's unknown who did play Columbus when she was with her two sisters. She went with the adults on a foraging trip. Her sisters Flo played Parsly and Finn played Rose. Finn later played Sophie. She also played Daisy at the end of season 3 since she was one of the females expecting pups. Finn played herself in one episode at the end of season four as an evicted female. Colombus character was taken over by her older brother Machu Pichu later on.


Mother: Flower.

Father: Zaphod.

Sisters: Flo and Finn.

Nieces: Amira, Burdock, Squig, Chiriqui, Morgs, Adhuil...

Nephews: Murray, Rufus, Etosha, Rhogan Josh, Laurence...


Whiskers Mob

Flower Whiskers

Zaphod Vivian

Finn Whiskers

Flo Whiskers

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