Kikka(VNEF006) was First Seen on June 4, 2009 in a semi-wild group called the Nequoia. VNEF001 was dominant female and VNEM002 was the dominant male. However over the coming months many subordinates disapeared and a wild male Pantxo joined the group and took male dominance. In December 2009, VNEF001 gave birth but the litter was lost and VNEF001 died. Kikka was pregnant but Kaluha became the dominant female, suggesting that maybe Kikka was younger than her. Kikka gave birth on February 8, 2010 to VNEM021, VNEM022, and VNEM023. Sadly VNEF021 was predated soon after. Kikka became pregnant again and she killed Kaluha's litter in April. Kikka however aborted the litter. In November 2010 Kikka was eivted with two other females. She was pregnant and managed to get back into the group. Kikka gave birth VNEM027, VNEM028, VNEM029 and VNEM030 on December 2010. VENM028 disappeared for a few days the following month and was thought to have been predated, however he returned the February 2011. Kikka gave birth to VNEP031, VNEP032 and VNEP033 on March 2011. Her son VNEM027 was predated that month as well. In August both Kaluha and Kikka aborted, Kikka was evicted along with VNEF023, VNEF024 and VNEF025. Through September to November, Kikka kept being evicted along with her neice VNEF026 because of Kaluha's pregnancy. They were abel to rejoin the group and stay once Kaluha gave birth but she quickly got pregant again. The Kikka's son VNEM028 was predated in Janaury 2012. In April 2012, Kikka contracted tuberculosis and died alon with the dominant male Pantxo, most likely leaving her son VNEM022 as the new dominant male.


First litter born on February 8, 2010 fathered by unknown




Second litter born in December 2010 fathered by unknown





Third litter born in March 2011 fathered by unknown





Nequoia Mob

Kaluha Nequoia

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