Kiango Baobab
Date of Birth
25 January 2008
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
An unkown rover
A mixed litter which was abandoned
Known For
Being born on the first litter of Baobab Mob, and forming the Urukhai Mob


Kiango(VBBF005) was born on January 25, 2008 into the Baobab Mob. Her mother was Hawkeye, and her father was Al Pacino, who were the dominant couple at the time. Her litter consisted of 4 four females including herself, Njovu(VBBF07), Zikomo(VBBF008), Kaya Mawa(VBBF009) and two males called Mumbulu(VBBM004) and Kiboko(VBBM006). They were the group's first litter, and they all survived to adulthood. On February 2009 two of her sisters, herself and her cousin became pregnant and they each gave birth the next month to a mixed litter of 10 pups, but all were abandoned. By October her two sisters Njovu and Kaya Mawa had both disappeared. In November she was evicted along with Cruise, Honey, She-Ra, Porcelain, Snap, Coco and Pop. The 8 meerkats team up with wild male Al Catraz.


They formed the Urukhai Mob. Female dominance was taken by Cruise. Kiango and Cruise became the only female s who weren't pregnant. The whole group return to the Baobab within a month. All the pregnant female lost their litters. Kiango soon became pregnant but she aborted her litter in February, after that, she was evicted along with her cousins Snap, Pop, Coco, and Claptastic. The five females teamed up for protections and formed a small female group. Their current status is still unknown.


Mother: Hawkeye.

Father: Al Pacino.

Sisters: Njovu, Zikomo and Kaya Mawa.

Brothers: Mumbulu and Kiboko.


Baobab Mob

Urukhai Mob

Hawkeye Whiskers

Al Pacino Baobab

Cruise Whiskers

Al Catraz Baobab

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