Derell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Richard Irchel

Richard (ZIM002)

was born on July 14, 2007 at the Derell Wildlife Conservation Trust. In February 2011, he was moved to the Zurich alogn with his younger brothers Dom(ZIM003) and Mark(ZIM004) to form a new mob.


There they were introduced to a female named Bela(ZIF001) and formed the Irchel Mob. He showed interest in Bela and the day the males were allowed to be in the enclosure with her, he was the first of the males to mate with her. Richard established himself as the dominant male and was renamed Kgosi. Bela, now renamed Mohumagadi, gave birth to a signal pups on May 4, 2011, however it is unknown who the father is since she mated with all three males. Dom was renamed Baka and Mark was called Bonako. Mohumagadi gave birth to her second litter on Juky 29, 20011, Golo, Remetla, Monate and Lemme. Kgosi was most likely the father since he by now was the dominant male. Mohumagadi gave birth to three new pups on February 12, 2011. Kgosi was showing every sign of a good dominant male and often was seen on guard duty even though the meerkats live in the satefy of a zoo. Kgosi is still the dominant male of the Irchel mob today.


Irchel Mob

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