Kermit(VTYM039) was born in Janaury 2011 into the Toyota. His mother was Miss Lilly the Pink, and his father was most likely Greegan, the former dominant male of the Toyota, who died from disease a month before Kermit was born and therefore approximately one month into Miss Lilly the Pink's gestation period. Kermit's litter-mates consisted of two sisters, Biff(VYTF037) and Meerkitty(VTYF038), and two brothers, Evil Betty(VTYM040) and Nabby(VTYM041). Things were going well and all five pups survived their first three months; however, the Toyota soon became infected with disease. Sadly, in April 2012, Kermit disappeared and was considered Last Seen.


Toyota Mob

Miss Lilly The Pink Whiskers

Greegan Toyota

Biff Toyota

Meerkitty Toyota

Evil Betty Toyota

Nabby Toyota

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