Kenny(VBM009) was a wild meerkat that was First Seen in 2001 in the Balrog Mob. By then he was already an adult meerkat. The Balrog was made up by eightteen males and four females. Kenny was not the dominant male but Balrog, the meerkat the group was named after. The dominant female was Luella. The Balrog had been encountered in previous years but was not followed and habituated untill mib 2001. Kenny most probably was born in the Balrog and the dominant pair probably were his parents. Luella gave birth to one litter in late 2001. Kenny helped babysit and care for the pups. In mib 2002 Luella became sick and died. Mandella became the new dominant female but she was soon hit by a car on the main road and died. Then five Vivian females joined the group, Velvet became the new dominant female with Balrog. Kenny wasn't allowed to have pups within the group but with the new females he may have been tempted and may have mated with one of the subordinate Vivian females. All five females were pregnant but only two have surviving litters. In February 2003 a Balrog male died of disease, if it was not Kenny, then he probably left the group. In 2003 Kenny probably would have been around three or four years of age so he would favor roving as a past time. In October 2003 another Balrog male died of disease and the eight eldest males of the Balrog left the group. Kenny probably left the group to rove or died of Tuberculosis.




Balrog Mob

Kenny Balrog

Luella Balrog

Mandella Balrog

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