Keito(VEM136) was born in the Elveera on September 9, 2008. His mother was Chibuku Scud, and his father was a roving male, possibly Axel or Lazuli males who often were seen at the Elveera. Keito's litter-mates were his one brother named Togo(VEM134) and one sister named Lena(VEF135). Their mother Chibuku Scud was not the dominant female, but their grandmother Jo Jo Hello was. She could have killed the three pups, but Jo Jo Hello had no pups of her own at the time and she allowed the three pups to live. The Elveera had fallen in numbers after the loss of the former dominant male Habusu. Many members had left the group due to roving or evictions. Then disease hit the group, killing Jo Jo Hello. Keito's mother was the oldest female in the group so she took over as the new dominant female. Keito wasn't even a year old yet. Then sadly in June, Keito lost his mother to TB, and soon the dominant male Teabag died or the same disease. The Elveera fragmented into smaller splinter groups now that the dominant female was gone. Keito was among them. It is unknown what happened to Keito or his litter-mates, or any of the other Elveera. At the time, Keito was only eleven months old so he hadn't yet roved. Keito may still be alive today in a wild group or he could have died of disease like his mother. Keito was Last Seen in August 2009.


Elveera Mob

Chibuku Scud Elveera

Jo Jo Hello Elveera

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