(VJXM016) was born on January 18, 2009 the the JaXX. His mother was Diana and his father was Vince. His litter-mates were her two brothers Wolfie(VJXM015), Rococo(VJXM014) and his sister Gene(VJXF017). His mother and father were the dominant pair of the JaXX.All four pups survived depsite the fact that the JaXX was a small mob. In May Vince, Spike and Boost disappeared and were Last Seen in late April 2009, Kariros was born in the last litter fathered by Vince. His mother Diana was left with no breeding partner however Kariros’ older brother Kori took over as dominant male for a month before he stopped. For a while the group was led by only a dominant female yet Diana was still able to produce litters. Kori reassumed dominance early in 2010. Kariros started to rove around a year of age with the older males. His sister Gene started to breed with rovers and soon started to be evicted. In early 2011 Wolfie disappeared after roving and was Last Seen. In June 2011, Kariros' brother Rococ wet roving along with their older brothers Twix and Snickers and younger half brother Ole. They joined the Toyota where Rococo breifly became the dominant male. Kariros remained in the group however his sister Gene was evicted along with their older sister Dikkop and younger sister Megan Fox to form the Cave Men. Gene and Megan Fox returned to the group. Kariros was by now the second oldest male in the group under his older brother Kori. The two males often roved together along with their younger brothers. In February 2012, Kariros went roving, Kori did as well, however only Kori returned to the group. Kariros was not seen again and considered Last Seen.


JaXX Mob

Diana Lazuli

Vince JaXX

Gene JaXX

Rococo JaXX

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